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Rapid digital acceleration has been a prevailing theme as 2020 unfolds. Digital Risk, the unpleasant byproduct of digital transformation, remains one of the greatest facets of risk that organizations face. In the second season of the podcast, RSA's Peter Beardmore hosts security and risk thought leaders to discuss some of the massive disruptions organizations are experiencing, and how Digital Risk Management strategies are helping.

Season 2 | Episode 20: Tutela Solutions on Regulatory Change and Horizon Scanning Services

Listen time: 23 minutes

Glenn Peters, GRC Solution Architect and Strategy Advisor at Tutela Solutions joins the podcast to discuss regulatory change and horizon scanning services. More organizations are leveraging Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics tools to scan authoritative sources and deliver a streamlined list of changes that their compliance teams will need to address. While this is good news for those that have teams manually scanning content for impacts it does present a new challenge for risk managers trying to keep up with the volume. Glenn discusses the advantages these services can provide and discuss techniques an organization can apply to manage the impacts of regulatory change.

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Season 2 | Episode 19: Reed Taussig, CEO of RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence

Listen time: 35 minutes

On December 1st of 2020, RSA announced the appointment of Reed Taussig to CEO of RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence. Mr. Taussig discusses his background, what drew him to RSA, the opportunities he's identified for the business, and developments in the fraud market throughout the tumultuous year that was 2020. He also discusses 3D Secure payer authentication, GDPR, and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

#RSAFRI #Fraud #3DSecure #GDPR #CCPA #ConsumerPrivacy

Season 2 | Episode 18: Safe Online Holiday Shopping

Listen time: 20 minutes

2020 has been a year of unexpected disasters, from forest fires to a pandemic, election uncertainty, and economic recession on an unprecedented scale. eCommerce dramatically transformed this year due to the pandemic and fraud trends adapted too. This holiday shopping season is projected to be one of the biggest ecommerce years ever, and potentially one of the most heavily targeted by cybercriminals.

Red Curry, Solutions Marketing Manager for the RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence team, joins the podcast to discuss expectations for the current holiday shopping season, some trends revealed in the newly released RSA Quarterly Fraud Report, and how both businesses and consumers can protect themselves.

On December 7th RSA will host a Fireside Chat: Securing eCommerce During the 2020 Holiday Shopping Season. Speakers will include Angel Grant, CMO of RSA's Fraud and RIsk Intelligence Business unit; Hector “Sabu” Monsegur, Corporate Pen-Tester & Expert Security Researcher; and Sam Curry, Chief Security Officer at Cybereason. Registration for the event is now open to all podcast listeners.

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Season 2 | Episode 17: Passwordless Authentication

Listen time: 22 minutes

The episode features a conversation with John Tolbert, Lead Analyst and Managing Director at KuppingerCole and Ingo Shubert, Principal Consultant and Solutions Architect at RSA. John and Ingo discuss Passwordless Authentication. What does it mean? Why pursue it? What are the obstacles and paths to success?

Passwordless Authentication will be one of several topics discussed at the upcoming RSA Evolution of Identity Summit 2020, on December 8 at 10 AM EST. Don't miss this free event - register here.

#IAM #Passwordless

Season 2 | Episode 16: RSA Labs Update

Listen time: 28 minutes

RSA Chief Technology Officer and recently appointed Chief Digital Officer Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan (‘Zully’ as he’s known to many) RSA joins the podcast to discuss happenings at RSA Labs. In his tenure as head of RSA Labs, he has evolved RSA Labs into an incubator within RSA to identify challenges of digital transformation and develop new technologies, features, or even new businesses to address them. He reviews recent RSA Labs’ ‘graduates’, new technologies recently brought to market, and developing projects currently matriculating. Zully also discusses his new role as Chief Digital Officer of RSA.

#RSALabs #IAM #SIEM #IRM #GRC #decentralizedidentity

Season 2 | Episode 15: RSA Quarterly Fraud Report

Listen time: 28 minutes

RSA Anti-Fraud CMO Angel Grant joins this episode to discuss the newest RSA Quarterly Fraud Report. RSA intelligence and anti-fraud teams observed a number of pandemic-related changes in the nature of fraud in Q2 2020, including a sharp spike in fraud related to economic hardship and an increase in breaches/leaks and ransomware attacks. Angel brings her unique insight into the 2020 fraud landscape and suggests strategies organizations should embrace to protect themselves and their customers.

You can find the latest RSA Fraud Report.
Read Angel Grant’s blog, How the pandemic is changing cybercrime, and European Cybersecurity Month ECSM for resources and tips to Do Your Part and #BeCyberSmart.

Season 2 | Episode 14: Cyber-Risk Management with EY

Listen time: 28 minutes

Cyber Risk Management is the topic for this podcast episode featuring GRC and Cyber-risk leaders from EY. Michael Ruiz is EY’s Americas’ Archer GRC Leader and Carolyn Schreiber is EY’s U.S. Cyber Risk Management Leader. Together they discuss the trends and challenges at the apex of risk and security, selecting the right GRC tools, and requirements for a successful cyber program.

Additional reading from EY thought leaders:

EY is a Platinum Sponsor of RSA Archer Summit, a no-fee event that will be held virtually on October 6, 2020. RSA Archer Suite customers, partners, and prospects are all invited to attend.

Season 2 | Episode 13: Continuous Integrated Risk Monitoring with Crowe

Listen time: 22 minutes

We’re joined by Josh Reid, GRC Technology Services Leader at Crowe. He discusses how Crowe is elevating Integrated Risk Management practices, moving beyond questionnaire-driven risk information to more consistent, real-time business data coming directly from business systems; then identifying Key Risk Indicators (KRI) from continuous analysis and monitoring of the data. Crowe is a Platinum Sponsor of RSA Archer Summit, a no-fee event that will be held virtually on October 6, 2020. RSA Archer Suite customers, partners, and prospects are all invited to attend.

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Season 2 | Episode 12: KPMG discusses readying DOD Contractors for CMMC

Listen time: 31 minutes

The U.S. Defense Industrial Base is currently addressing a new cybersecurity mandate. The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) was released earlier in 2020 and is now finding its way into RFI’s and RFP’s. KPMG Cybersecurity Practice Directors Chadd Carr, Ellen Ozderman, Chris Koehnecke, and Ryan Millerick join us in this episode to discuss how they are helping to prepare their DoD-contractor clients, and how they leverage RSA Archer Suite to assess, coordinate, document, manage and mitigate compliance. We discuss some of the potential pitfalls and benefits to come as Defense Industrial Base organizations improve upon their compliance and cybersecurity maturity. KPMG is a Platinum Sponsor of RSA Archer Summit, a no-fee event that will be held virtually on October 6, 2020. RSA Archer Suite customers, partners, and prospects are all invited to attend.

#Cybersecurity, #KPMG, #RSAArcherSummit, #CMMC

Season 2 | Episode 11: GRC-as-a-Service with Tim Carbery from Castle Hill

Listen time: 24 minutes

Tim Carbery, Managing Partner of Castle Hill Managed Risk Solutions joins the podcast to explain how GRC-as-a-Service (GRCaaS) and Castle Hill’s ‘Business Hub’ model is helping regulated organizations of all sizes modernize their GRC programs and accelerate their risk management maturity.

Castle Hill is a Platinum Sponsor of RSA Archer Summit, a no-fee event that will be held virtually on October 6, 2020. RSA Archer Suite customers, partners, and prospects are all invited to attend.

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Season 2 | Episode 10: Securing IoT

Listen time: 32 minutes

Arthur Fontaine, RSA Solutions Manager, joins the podcast for a look into risks involving IoT deployments in organizations; efforts underway in product development and standards bodies to help curb the challenges; and actionable advice for security, risk, and compliance leaders who need to get a handle on this core risk.

Goodmorning Digiville: IoT Risk Report is an upcoming free webinar featuring Art Fontaine and RSA's Steve Schlarman.
Art also recently lead a session on IoT security at RSAConference 2020 Asia Pacific: Managing Digital Risk in the Era of IoT.
He also has an excellent blog post on the topic: Managing Digital Risk in a New Age of Internet of Things.

Season 2 | Episode 9: RSA Cybersecurity Summit

Listen time: 18 minutes

The inaugural RSA Cybersecurity Summit launches on July 29th. This is a 2-hour, free, virtual event featuring thought-leading keynotes, technical sessions, product demos, and 'meet-the-expert' conversations. This episode of the podcast features two keynote presenters from RSA; Amy Blackshaw, Director of Product Marketing and Steve Schlarman, Portfolio Strategist. Amy and Steve preview the event, their keynotes, and comment on how security operations centers are building resiliency amid continuous disruption.

Listeners can register for the RSA Cybersecurity Summit at: www.rsa.com/cybersecuritysummit. The event goes live at 10:30 AM EDT on Wednesday, July 29th, and again at 8:30 PM. Content will also be available on-demand following the event.

Season 2 | Episode 8: RSA Conference Goes Virtual

Listen time: 25 minutes

RSAConference 2020 APJ has just completed. A first-time, all-virtual, free, global event for RSAC. Linda Gray Martin, VP and General Manager of RSA Conference, and Britta Glade, Director of Content and Curation for RSA Conference join us to tell the story of what happened when faced with what to do when a global conference must adapt to the realities of a global pandemic. Together they explain the changing face of virtual events; the process by which they curated the program, content, and attendee experience; offer a glimpse into a potential 'hybrid' experience for RSAConference 2021 in San Francisco. There's also an inside glimpse into their collaboration with the immortal George Takei, who shared his contagiously positive outlook on both the opening and closing of this year's event.
Listeners can access the entire RSAConference 2020 APJ event FOR FREE at www.rsaconference.com.

Season 2 | Episode 7: Maintaining Compliance Amid Disruption

Listen time: 26 minutes

Maintaining compliance while your organization experiences sudden and unanticipated change can be daunting. In this episode we chat with RSA's Marshall Toburen, RSA Risk Management Strategist, who brings decades of experience in compliance leadership. We discuss the strategies that organizations have employed over the past several months, and Marshall discusses "applying risk techniques to compliance itself" (or what you should do when you can't fully satisfy all your obligations).

Check out Marshall's blog on Compliance in a Time of Disruption.
Also read our whitepaper, 8 Steps to Modernize Compliance.

Season 2 | Episode 6: Lessons from the RSA Conference SOC

Listen time: 30 minutes

You may not believe the data, credentials, images, location data, proprietary communications, etc. that security conference attendees (and some exhibitors) expose to anyone who'd think to look. In this episode we discuss some eye-popping findings gleaned from the RSA Conference 2020 public wifi network. The RSAC SOC is an educational exhibit sponsored by RSA and Cisco that monitors network activity during the course of the RSA Conference Event, held annually in San Francisco. Its three leaders, RSA's Percy Tucker and Neil Wyler (aka Grifter) and Cisco's Jessica Bair join us to discuss their recently published RSA Conference 2020 Security Operations Center Findings Report.Percy, Grifter, and Jessica highlight their findings and share actionable advice for security leaders. Also, check out Percy Tucker's Blog: Behind the Data: Analyzing the SOC Findings from RSA Conference 2020.

Season 2 | Episode 5: Workforce Disruption

Listen time: 27 minutes

We're wrapping up our series on the disruptions resulting from rapid acceleration of digital transformation. In this episode we welcome RSA's Brian Breton, VP for Channel Sales and Operations and Tony Karam, Digital Risk Strategist at RSA. We discuss the myriad of challenges that workforce disruption has brought to security and risk managers; and we look at how RSA and our partners were able to respond to a dramatic spike in demand for identity solutions earlier this year.

Season 2 | Episode 4: Managing Business Operations Disruption

Listen time: 23 minutes

In this episode we welcome Patrick Potter, RSA Digital Risk Strategist, to discuss resiliency amid acute business disruption. How have business operations functions kept ahead of the title waves of change and disruption? Patrick shares recent stories and timely insights; drawing on his extraordinary experience leading resiliency practices for global finance, hospitality, and transportation brands. Today, in addition to helping guide RSA's solutions marketing function, he works with top customers to help refine and mature their resiliency and compliance strategies.

For more information, check out the RSA Maturity Model for Business Resiliency and Patrick's Blog: Resilient in Times of Disruption

Season 2 | Episode 3: Supply Chain Disruption

Listen time: 29 minutes

Continuing our series on the disruptions resulting from rapid digital acceleration, we chatted with Chris Patteson, Executive Director for RSA's Risk Transformation Office and Emily Shipman, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Third-Party Risk Management. Exploring some of the recent challenges in both physical and digital supply chains, Chris and Emily discuss how organizations that have embraced Third-Party Risk Management principles are discovering greater opportunities for success, even amid uncertainty.

Season 2 | Episode 2: Security Disruption

Listen time: 29 minutes

Security is first among the four crisis disruptions that we’ll explore in-depth. Peter Beardmore welcomes Ben Smith, RSA Field CTO to discuss the challenges that security operations leaders and their teams have encountered in recent months. Threat, detection, process, workflows, and automation are all on the agenda. Ben breaks-down how successful SecOps teams have managed to stay ahead, despite the inconveniences (to put it mildly) of working entirely remote.

Follow Ben on Twitter: @Ben_Smith
For more on overcoming the challenges of the “new normal” SOC, check out Security Weekly’s interview with Mike Adler, RSA Vice President of RSA NetWitness Platform..
And check out Jonathan Gregalis’ blog on Preparing for the Risk Challenges of an Uncertain Tomorrow.

Season 2 | Episode 1: Managing Disruption

Listen time: 20 minutes

Operating in a global pandemic has led many organizations to rapid digital acceleration in some areas, and re-prioritization in nearly all. In the first episode of our new season, Peter Beardmore welcomes RSA Portfolio Strategist, Steve Schlarman to discuss the many disruptions that the ongoing crisis caused. In particular the reverberating disruptions in business operations, workforce, supply chain, and security. How does rapid acceleration and reliance on digital lead to new and downstream risks? And how should risk and security leaders think about managing, communicating, and accounting for these risks amid continuous change? Steve brings unique insights to emerging challenges, coming from two decades of digital risk management experience.

Check out Steve’s blog where he discusses what happens when you relax a control and nothing bad happens: Security & Risk Controls: Why You Need Them.
Ben Desjardins, RSA VP of Product Marketing discusses the benefits of well-established standards when navigating uncertainty: Tips for Applying the Known in a Time of Uncertainty.

< Season 1 >

Digital Risk, the unpleasant byproduct of digital transformation, has rapidly become the greatest facet of risk that organizations now face. This podcast series explores how organizations are meeting the unique challenges of digital risk. Paul Roberts of The Security Ledger and Peter Beardmore of RSA bring thoughtful conversations with leaders in Digital Risk Management.

Season 1 | Episode 5: Cloud Transformation Risk

Listen time: 36 minutes

We discuss the pressures and risks organizations face as they migrate to the cloud, and some strategies for managing them. Guests include Rohit Gupta, Global Segment Leader for Security at Amazon Web Services, Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, Chief Technology Officer at RSA, and Tony Karam, Sr. Solutions Consultant at RSA.

Season 1 | Episode 4: Cyber-Attack Risk

Listen time: 38 minutes

We discuss the challenges that cyber-attacks are posing to modern organizations, the resulting pressures on security operations and all digital functions, and some of the opportunities emerging from Threat Detection & Response solutions. Guests include Mike Adler, VP of RSA NetWitness Platform and Adam Vincent, CEO of Threat Connect.

Season 1 | Episode 3: Third-Party Risk

Listen time: 31 minutes

Peter and Paul discuss the growing challenges of third-party risk (and some strategy and innovations) with David Walter, Senior Vice-President of RSA Archer Suite, and Eric Blatte, President and Co-Founder of Risk Recon.

Season 1 | Episode 2: Dynamic Workforce Risk

Listen time: 33 minutes

Peter and Paul discuss the unique risk and security challenges brought by today's modern digital workforce. Guests include Jim Ducharme, VP of Identity and Fraud and Risk Intelligence Products at RSA; Guido Appenzeller, Chief Product Officer at Yubico; and Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, Chief Technology Officer at RSA.

Season 1 | Episode 1: Digital Risk

Listen time: 27 minutes

Peter Beardmore and Paul Roberts discuss digital risk with Rohit Ghai, President of RSA and Holly Rollo, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of RSA. Rohit outlines senior business leaders’ top-of-mind issues pertaining to digital transformation. Holly discusses some of the hidden risks of MarTec, and why organizations need to adopt a risk-based approach to collaborating across the risk domains.

Season 1 | Episode 0.1: Preview Episode

Listen time: 19 minutes

Peter Beardmore and Paul Roberts test out their new podcast studio, introduce themselves, and chat informally about the effects of digital transformation on both people and organizations.


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