Our Promise.

We will be zealously devoted to your sustainable success.

We will...

  • Build an intimate understanding of your requirements, expectations, and objectives
  • Foster trust and transparency to build a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship
  • Make sure we hear and act on your feedback
  • Provide formal communication channels and alignment through account reviews, planning/progress sessions, and QBRs
  • Conduct post-mortem lessons learned and best practice recommendations
  • Support collaboration and guidance through the RSA Community
Whenever we can, we will move at the speed of your business.

We will...

  • Be responsive to changes in your business and accelerate value
  • Align efforts and SME resources as the threat landscape changes
  • Anticipate challenges, questions, and proactively provide solutions during your adoption and onboarding process
  • Provide a flexible engagement model based on your learning style (live training, 1:1 walkthroughs, webinars, etc.)
  • Provide quicker visibility into the product roadmap and which innovations can positively impact you
  • Provide more opportunities for knowledge transfer with peer-level companies

Customer Success Engagement Model.

Professional Services.

Why RSA Professional Services

Rely on Professional Services to identify the capabilities and strategic direction that will serve you best, no matter where you are on your identity journey.

Count on RSA Professional Services for help from a team that is:

  • Experienced
  • Innovative
  • Trusted
  • Collaborative
Ways RSA Professional Services Can Help

Engage Professional Services to optimize your organization’s investment and maximize the value in helping reach your goals.

Professional Services provides expertise to:

  • Establish and evolve IAM architectures to meet today’s security and business challenges
  • Speed time to value whether it’s a new deployment, migration, or upgrade
  • Expand your organization’s use of RSA capabilities to address emerging IAM needs

Services Portfolio Overview

Architecture & Design

Technical consulting to define the optimal RSA product configuration and associated workflows for your requirements

Custom Software Solutions

Tailored solutions leveraging Professional Services tool sets and product SDKs to provide for customer-specific extended functionalities

Identity Journey Assessment

Evaluation of your IAM environment, needs and requirements—across people, processes, and technology—to define your IAM program plan

Implementation Assistance

Services to aid in RSA product installation, configuration, integration, and testing

Migration Assessment

Services to assist with migration scenarios, including mergers, acquisitions, consolidation, or technology upgrades

Operational Assistance

Services designed to augment the skills and/or bandwidth of existing IAM operational staff, whether on an ad hoc or long-term resident basis

Optimization Assessment

Offerings for optimizing your IAM environment, including health checks, strategy roadmaps, and periodic service reviews to maximize your RSA investment

QuickStart Implementation

All-in-one pre-defined packages to get base-level installations and integrations up and running fast

Build a services package that matches your organization’s needs with bundled Customer Success offerings. Or use custom service quoting and scoping to create a tailored RSA Customer Success package.