Our Promise.

We will be zealously devoted to your sustainable success

We will...

  • Build an intimate understanding of your requirements, expectations and objectives
  • Foster trust and transparency to build a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship
  • Make sure we hear and act on your feedback
  • Provide formal communication channels and alignment through account reviews, planning/progress sessions and QBRs
  • Conduct post-mortem lessons learned and best practice recommendations
  • Support collaboration and guidance through the RSA Community
Whenever we can, we will move at the speed of your business

We will...

  • Be responsive to changes in your business and accelerate value
  • Align efforts and SME resources as the threat landscape changes
  • Anticipate challenges, questions and proactively provide solutions during your adoption and onboarding process
  • Provide a flexible engagement model based on your learning style (live training, 1:1 walkthroughs, webinars, etc.)
  • Provide quicker visibility into the product roadmap and which innovations can positively impact you
  • Provide more opportunities for knowledge transfer with peer-level companies

Customer Success Engagement Model.

Pre-packaged offerings can be bundled to formulate a services package that matches your organization’s needs. Custom service scoping and quoting options are always available.