RSA Risk AI intuitively determines user risk before granting access to systems and data, to keep bad actors out and let trusted people in. It uses machine learning, behavioral analytics, and business context for smarter access protection and easier user authentication.

Access based on identity confidence

When a user requests access to an organization’s resources, RSA Risk AI responds by instantly analyzing past and present user behavior, assessing the business context for the request, and performing real-time risk scoring. With this extensive intelligence, the technology establishes a level of confidence in the user’s identity—and determines whether it merits granting access.

Machine learning to inform future access

RSA Risk AI is a risk engine that uses machine learning to get smarter over time. In the process of gathering information for access decisions, it is building a store of knowledge to inform risk scoring for future access requests. It constantly recalibrates based on what it has learned in the past and what it observes in the present to make optimal access decisions

Secure authentication that’s easy for users

As RSA Risk AI becomes increasingly familiar with users’ behavior and the context for their access requests, the users themselves benefit from fewer authentication challenges. At the same time, security remains strong, with RSA Risk AI detecting any anomalies and responding accordingly—either by requesting more information, or denying the request if the level of risk warrants it.

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