• ​Obtain a clarified view of security vulnerabilities across your enterprise so that you can proactively inform executive management and the board of directors.

  • ​Improve handoffs between the security organization and IT operations so that important remediation activities don’t fall through the cracks.

  • ​Manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle, from detection and verification through remediation and reporting.

  • ​Manage the large volume of security vulnerability data from multiple scanners with structured processes for prioritizing security issues.

  • ​Improve the closure rate for critical security gaps while reducing the cost, time and effort associated with managing and fixing security vulnerabilities.


  • Data Consolidation

    Consolidates data from your existing vulnerability scanners to improve research and reporting on emerging threats.

  • Powerful Rules Engine

    Powerful, flexible rules engine prioritizes new threats, overdue issues and changing business needs.

  • Generous Data Storage

    Large data/high volume storage of vulnerability scanning results.

  • Actionable Alerting

    Enables IT security analysts to implement actionable alerting, analyze curated vulnerability scanning data and respond to issues as they arise.

  • Centralized Repository

    Centralized repository and management module integrates powerful security vulnerability analytics with reporting workflows.