Cybercriminals are continuously evolving the tactics they use to commit fraud, making it difficult for organizations to identify and respond to new threats until after the loss occurs. Organizations require new ways to identify fraud and other malicious activities that impact revenue without impacting the activities of legitimate users.

Web Threat Detection is a fraud detection platform that leverages behavioral analytics intelligence to provide organizations with real-time visibility into who (or what) is on their site and what they are doing on it. Web Threat Detection offers an out of the box rules library which enables organizations to address many common high impact fraud threats such as man-in-the-browser attacks, advanced malware, vulnerability probing, and business logic abuse. Rules can also be customized to address the needs of each organization. There is virtually no limit to the number of new rules that can be created or deployed, allowing organizations to maintain complete control over which threats they respond to and how they respond to them.

Web Threat Detection caputres all activity for every Web and mobile user session – from login to transaction and beyond – to help speed up fraud investigations and also provide a deep understanding of the threat landscape. By capturing and visualizing all elements in the clickstream, including header details, POST arguments, information from cookies, geo-location and custom extracted variables, Web Threat Detection enables organizations to expose fraud and other disruptive behaviors that would otherwise remain hidden.

RSA Web Threat Detection is deployed across many of the world’s largest banks, eCommerce sites, and insurance companies, and currently monitors nearly half of all U.S. banking traffic.

“Web Threat Detection enables us to identify and shut down potentially fraudulent events in minutes vs. hours.”

Chief Information Officer Top 10 Financial Institution

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