Digital Risk in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Maximize IoT benefits, minimize its risks with RSA

The internet of things is powering digital transformation across industries—enabling predictive maintenance in manufacturing, remote monitoring in healthcare, and smart cities around the world.

Meanwhile, complexity and vulnerabilities in IoT systems create significant cybersecurity, data privacy, business resiliency, third-party and compliance risks.

RSA can help you identify, manage and mitigate the digital risk that stems from using connected devices and systems to run your business.

Common questions about IoT risk

  • CISOs

    How can I secure my organization’s IoT devices?

  • Risk leaders

    What is my organization’s risk exposure from the internet of things?

  • CIOs

    How do I manage access to my company’s IoT devices?

  • Operational technology and industrial control systems owners

    How do I secure my critical industrial automation systems?

RSA IoT Security Monitor is an edge-based IoT monitoring service that detects anomalous behaviors in IoT systems. It provides a custom cloud interface for business users who may be monitoring IoT systems, and it integrates with your existing security infrastructure, including RSA NetWitness Platform, to give your security team visibility into IoT threats.

The number of IoT devices is predicted to exceed 38 billion in 2020.

Source: Juniper Research

85% of IT and business leaders surveyed by IDC say they have budgets for IoT projects.

Source: "Global IoT Decision-Maker Survey, 2019: First Look," IDC August 12, 2019

Only 16% of risk and security professionals say their organizations maintain an inventory of IoT devices and applications.

Source: “The Internet of Things: A New Era of Third-Party Risk,” Ponemon Institute, May 2017

IoT management challenges

IoT management challenges

Scale: Some sectors, like energy and manufacturing, are implementing IoT at scale, giving CISOs in those industries much more infrastructure and data to secure.

Variety: Many organizations use multiple types of IoT devices, each with their own data formats and processing capabilities.

Regulation: Regulators and law-makers in the US, UK and Japan have IoT security regulations either on the books or planned.

Understand the challenges

Best practices for managing digital risk in IoT

Best practices for managing digital risk in IoT

Get visibility. Use edge-based tools capable of seeing across IoT silos to take stock of all IoT devices across your organization.

Gain insight. Use an integrated risk management platform to analyze the risks that stem from using different kinds of IoT devices for different purposes.

Take immediate action. Secure access to your IoT devices, monitor them for threats and manage the risks they create throughout their lifecycle.

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