Manage Dynamic Workforce Risk

Empower today’s workforce while managing the risk

Common questions about workforce risk

Whatever your questions, you’ll find the answers among the products in the RSA portfolio.

  • IT

    How can I enable our mobile workforce to access a variety of resources in a secure and convenient way?

    How can I avoid the risk of users having inappropriate access to resources and data?

  • Security

    How can I monitor what my dynamic workforce is doing so I can quickly detect and respond to identity-based threats?

  • CIO

    How well are we managing our dynamic workforce risk compared with industry guidelines and best practices?

    Which workforce security investments should I make to best align with our current business objectives?

SecurID Suite improves mobile workforce security by using risk-based authentication to challenge users based on the level of risk they present, giving you confidence that users are who they say while providing a frictionless access experience. Additionally, it uses identity analytics to offer deep visibility into and control over user access rights and entitlements.

45% of professionals who handle confidential data at work admitted to using public Wi-Fi and personal email to do so.

Source: Dell, “End User Security Survey 2017

92% of insider threat cases were preceded by a negative work event such as a termination or demotion.

Source: Deloitte, “Insider Threats: What Every Government Agency Should Know

2.2 billion compromised user credentials (usernames and passwords) are freely distributed on the dark web.

Source: Andy Greenberg, “Hackers Are Passing Around a Megaleak of 2.2 Billion Records” Wired, January 30, 2019

The challenges of managing today’s dynamic workforce

The challenges of managing today’s dynamic workforce

The revolving-door workplace: When workers are constantly cycling through organizations, it’s more difficult to manage access effectively.

An expanding attack surface: Mobile devices and cloud apps are creating more openings for attacks, and threats are getting harder to detect.

Workforce globalization: Organizations must address how workers in different regions may deal with data sensitivity and privacy in different ways.

Understand the challenges

Best practices for managing dynamic workforce risk

Best practices for managing dynamic workforce risk

Establish identity and access assurance, or the ability to verify users’ identities and see what access they have.

Get insight into what users are doing with their access once they’re logged in and whether that activity presents a risk.

Understand the potential business impact of risk, including financial and other exposure from a data breach or compliance violation.

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Featured Customer

Less audit effort, enhanced compliance and a better user experience

Less audit effort, enhanced compliance and a better user experience

See how Dell Technologies counts on RSA to help tackle the challenge of managing access for a dynamic workforce of 225,000 people working in 180 countries.

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The portfolio of RSA solutions

Integrated Risk Management

Clearly understand the business impact of rogue access to an application based on the resource’s business criticality.

Manage risk

Threat Detection and Response

Leverage threat intelligence, advanced analytics, and machine learning to detect unknown threats and suspicious user behavior.

Stop threats

Identity and Access Management

Reduce access risk with insights into who users are, what they have access to and what they can do with that access.

Secure access

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Consider strategic consulting and other services from RSA to help you strike a balance between empowering workers and managing workforce risk.

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