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RSA SecurID® Access

Name a technology your organization uses to run its business. Chances are, RSA SecurID Access can protect it. RSA SecurID Access integrates with more than 500 technologies, so you can get it up and running quickly, and feel confident that you’re using industry-leading multi-factor authentication to protect your critical systems.

Certified interoperability with more than 500 technologies

Achieve faster time to value

Minimize integration effort and cost

Native Integration

Support for RSA SecurID Access is built directly into the VPNs, cloud apps, privileged access management systems, digital workspaces and other resources your organization uses every day. See all the technologies we support. 

Amazon Web Services
Palo Alto Networks

Downloadable Authentication Agents

RSA SecurID agents support a wide range of operating systems and environments. Click the tabs to see our available agents and find links to documentation and downloads.

MFA Agent for Microsoft Windows

Secure Windows machines with convenient authentication methods (including push to approve and authenticate token codes).

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Authentication Agent for Apache Web Server

Prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your website or applications hosted on Apache Web Server. This agent supports cross-domain single sign-on, wireless access protocol authentication, and much more.

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Authentication Agent for Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

Give mission-critical, cloud-based Microsoft applications an extra layer of security with multi-factor authentication from RSA SecurID Access.

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Authentication Agent for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

Protect your website and web applications hosted on IIS from unauthorized access. This agent provides a range of features, including support for users in trusted domains outside of Microsoft Exchange.

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Authentication Agent for Microsoft Windows

Make life easier for your users by replacing passwords with simple, convenient two-factor authentication using RSA SecurID hardware and software tokens, and protect valuable corporate resources accessed through Windows-based desktops and networks at the same time.

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Authentication Agents for Pluggable Authentication Module

Use this agent to protect Linux and Unix-based servers with two-factor authentication (hardware and software tokens) and advanced mobile multi-factor authentication (push notification and biometrics).

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Authentication Agent for Citrix StoreFront

Authenticate users inside and outside of your corporate firewall. This agent supports both two-factor authentication (hardware and software tokens) and risk-based multi-factor authentication.

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RADIUS Support

RSA SecurID Access takes advantage of the “challenge/response” capabilities built into the RADIUS protocol to determine, based on policies, if a user requires step-up authentication after entering a username and password or passcode.

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Need to protect a home-grown system with RSA SecurID Access? Our admin and mobile software development kits make it easy to extend RSA SecurID Access to your mobile apps and mission-critical legacy systems.

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Customer Success

Recruit Technologies

Recruit Technologies Closes Critical Security Gaps with RSA

The need to dramatically accelerate threat detection and prevent unauthorized access to its systems drove Japan’s Recruit Technologies to adopt RSA NetWitness® Platform and RSA SecurID Access.

5 Ways to Transform Access & Secure the Digital Enterprise

Discover how easy it is to use mobile MFA from RSA SecurID Access to protect all of your organization’s critical resources.

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The RSA SecurID Access
Test Drive

The Test Drive is the quickest and easiest way to experience our modern, mobile authentication options like push-to-approve and biometrics, for free. This quick demo lets you see the end-user experience on your mobile device. Sign up online and get started in minutes.

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Oh yes, we did! For a limited time, you can get FREE MFA from RSA SecurID Access for a full year. Don’t miss this unprecedented offer. Sign up today!

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