• ​Provides a complete fraud detection platform for financial institutions that need to offer additional cardholder protection and fraud management tools for the online shopping experience.

  • ​Initiates requests for additional identity verification using a dynamic risk- and rules-based approach.

  • ​Balances security and convenience by offering multiple deployment and configuration options to meet the needs of almost any organization.

  • ​Leverages 3D Secure technology to support a secure, frictionless online shopping experience for cardholders while mitigating the risk of chargeback losses from card-not-present fraud.

  • ​Enables collaborative, real-time sharing of fraud-connected data through the RSA eFraudNetwork.


  • Risk-Based 3D Secure for Card Issuers

    RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce is a risk-based authentication solution for 3D Secure transactions that delivers industry-leading fraud prevention rates. RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce dramatically improves the cardholder experience by eliminating challenge rates and passwords. It also protects merchant revenue by reducing shopping cart abandonment.

  • RSA Risk Engine

    The RSA Risk Engine drives our high fraud prevention rates. The Risk Engine analyzes more than one hundred risk indicators including behavior, device and the eFraudNetwork to identify the risk of a fraudulent transaction. The Policy Manager allows you to apply business logic on top of RSA’s integrated fraud detection capabilities.

  • Analytics Application

    The Analytics Application provides card issuers with full visibility into their 3D Secure transaction data, putting daily and monthly monitoring metrics, fraud detection rates and rule performance data at your fingertips.

  • Industry-Leading Fraud Prevention Rates

    With fraud prevention rates consistently exceeding 93 percent and a very low false positive rate, RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce delivers a tremendous return on investment.

  • Global Fraud Network

    The RSA eFraudNetwork is the industry’s first and largest cross-institutional, cross platform, international online network of confirmed fraud. The network includes IP addresses, mule accounts, devices (including mobile), merchants and other indicators that have been involved in fraud or a fraud attempt across more than 150 countries