A complete identity platform requires identity governance

Want a complete identity platform? Then you need a comprehensive identity governance and administration (IGA) program. IGA asks fundamental cybersecurity questions, including: Who are you? What do you need? Why do you need it? Who approved your access? And when did they approve it?

Having that knowledge is key to a complete identity platform and foundational for developing a zero-trust architecture.

On-premises, cloud, or hybrid

IGA covers a lot of ground, from access reviews to lifecycle management to role-based access control and more. RSA® Governance & Lifecycle offers a phased approach to deployment, and to onboarding business applications and operational processes. Whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid, and whether it’s only critical resources or your entire IT estate, you can move at a phased approach and at your own pace.

Automated processes

Spreadsheets and other manual tools for IGA don’t cut it when you’re dealing with a constantly changing workforce, a growing number of resources, and multiple access points. RSA Governance & Lifecycle replaces slow, inefficient processes with fast, accurate automation.

Access visibility

Limited visibility into access makes effective governance impossible. RSA Governance & Lifecycle provides the full visibility you need to uncover access anomalies and policy violations, and combines those insights with advanced analytics to prioritize problem areas for action.

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