With evolving compliance requirements, security leaders need to have identity assurance about who has access to what resources and data and maintain a least-privilege security posture. At the same time, many enterprises are actively pursuing their cloud initiatives when adopting new solutions and updating their existing technologies. IT leaders need to find ways to maximize resources, spend budget wisely and predictably, and maintain the highest levels of security and control over data and applications.

With RSA® Governance & Lifecycle Cloud, organizations can recoup the costs and staff time needed to build and manage governance and lifecycle infrastructure. Instead, they can leverage the deep expertise and day-to-day support that the RSA solution provides. Whether you are new to RSA or are planning on moving your current on-premises environment for identity governance and administration (IGA) to the cloud, we can provide the core governance capabilities needed for a comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) solution.

Free up your internal resources to focus on what’s important to your business

As identity takes its place in the center of the security universe, security leaders are seeking to achieve excellence in IAM, system security, and regulatory compliance. This can be a daunting and complex undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Since 2004, RSA has provided Fortune 100 and global enterprise customers with the capabilities needed to gain visibility, insight, and control over access to all applications, systems, and data. RSA Governance & Lifecycle Cloud expands the full capabilities of our market-leading solution to the cloud, ensuring that the world’s most security-sensitive organizations can work dynamically, accelerate innovation, and advance zero trust security. RSA Governance & Lifecycle Cloud provides a secure and highly available cloud environment as well as consulting services to customers on the production environment to support the ongoing management of the solution. Operational and managed services elements of the solution reduce the administrative burden on your staff, allowing you to better align your resources towards higher-priority projects that help drive results.

Managed RSA Governance & Lifecycle Cloud services include:

  • Monitor identity, account, and entitlement collection run status and remediate any issues
  • Monitor review campaigns and their progress
  • Monitor and remediate any stalled workflow items
  • Monitor and provide notification of failed change requests
  • Coordinate with Customer Support as necessary
  • Run periodic reports
  • Perform validation after upgrade and patching as necessary
  • Review configurations against recommended practices before moving into production
  • Perform yearly health check and solution review and make recommendations
  • Assign Specialized Advisory Consultant to provide the following on a quarterly basis
    — Identity and access management road-mapping
    — Review architecture and design
  • Provide RSA Governance & Lifecycle expansion services
  • Provide one annual subscription of Education Services


RSA provides the full visibility you need to uncover access anomalies and policy violations, combining those insights with advanced analytics to prioritize problem areas for action.

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