RSA Product and Customer Support

End-to-end support for industry-leading products.

RSA’s global support organization stands ready to help you get the most out of your products. We offer a variety of support services and resources to answer your pressing questions about installation, implementation, patches, upgrades and more.

RSA Product and Customer Support Services

We provide a full range of global support services to meet your organization’s unique needs and requirements, including self-service and personalized support options.

Customer Guide to RSA Technical Support

Understand and maximize the benefits of your RSA customer support and maintenance agreement.

Personalized Support Services

Many organizations require a higher level of technical service and program support in order to successfully address their information security challenges. To meet this demand, RSA offers Personalized Support Services options designed to complement RSA Link® and enhanced maintenance contracts. The program provides organizations with a named customer support resource aligned with the RSA product.

RSA Link

Obtain fast, accurate responses to questions from RSA subject matter experts and the RSA customer community. The RSA Link online community and support portal serves as a one-stop shop for all RSA product information, including product licenses, documentation, downloads and training.

Product Version Lifecycle Support

Find out which RSA products have reached the end of primary support.

Product Security and Vulnerability Response

Learn about our processes for ensuring the security of our products and for addressing reported vulnerabilities.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

Find information on the RSA SecurID® Appliance Warranty Return Policy, the RSA Software Warranty Policy, and RSA SecurID Token Replacement and Disposal.