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Address Identity Risk and Act with Insight

RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle simplifies how access is governed and streamlines access requests and fulfillment. The solution helps you focus on what matters most to mitigate risk and maintain a continuous state of compliance.

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Solution Brief

RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle

Find out how RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle can help you achieve a sustainable identity and access management (IAM) program.

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Addressing Identity Risk Factors

Get four practical strategies for addressing eight identity risk factors, including segregation of duties violations, policy violations, orphaned accounts and more.

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Access Certification

Access Certification

Enable user-friendly access certifications by providing the business context and risk-based prioritization to business owners to complete more accurate and timely access reviews.

User Provisioning

User Provisioning

Streamline and automate all phases of the user provisioning process, from request and fulfillment to de-provisioning as users join, move within or leave your organization.

Policy Automation

Policy Automation

Automate access reviews and certifications to ensure all access is assessed against existing business policies and controls.

Self-Service Access Requests

Self-Service Access Requests

An intuitive interface makes it easy for users to submit their own access requests and track approvals.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

Ad-hoc and built-in reports and dashboards provide a centralized summary analysis of access across all users, data resources, entitlements and certifications.

Role Management

Role Management

Easily discover, create and model different roles based on “birthright” entitlements or other factors.


Simplify Access Governance

Fully automate the monitoring, reporting, certification and remediation of user entitlements to simplify access delivery and meet ongoing compliance demands.

Gain Control and Visibility

Improve your ability to safeguard data by quickly identifying orphaned accounts, inappropriate user access and policy violations with a unified view of access across all of your systems and applications.

Speed Deployment at Lower Cost

A configuration-over-customization approach helps reduce the time and cost it takes to get your identity governance solution up and running. The solution lowers ongoing maintenance costs, ultimately reducing overall time to value.

Streamline Fulfillment of Access Requests

Ensure your users gain access to the resources they need, when they need them, in accordance with compliance requirements.

Leverage Identity as an Enterprise Risk Control Factor

Provide risk and compliance teams with actionable data to identify the potential risks your employees, partners, customers and contractors pose. These insights can yield powerful compliance controls that reduce the risk of a breach or noncompliance.

Achieve a Sustainable Identity and Access Management Program

Enable users to quickly and easily connect to applications and empower administrators to easily manage policies, certification campaigns and system maintenance without costly customized coding.

Optimize Your Identity Governance Program

Ready to simplify your day-to-day governance, decrease time to value, and reduce identity risk? RSA is here to help. Introducing new implementation blueprints, recommended practices and a quick start program to help organizations extend and optimize their identity governance and lifecycle deployments.

RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle

Simplify governance of user access, automate provisioning and de-provisioning processes and ensure compliance with RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle.

Identity Governance

RSA Identity Governance helps organizations manage compliance on a consistent basis by fully automating the monitoring, reporting, certification and remediation of user entitlements.

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Identity Lifecycle Management

RSA Identity Lifecycle helps to ensure the right people have the right access at the right time. The solution streamlines the access request and provisioning process for business users with an intuitive, self-service interface and an innovative approach to provisioning user access across all target systems.

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Data Access Governance

RSA Data Access Governance provides IT organizations with the ability to monitor, report on and certify the legitimacy of user access permissions to unstructured data resources stored on Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX file servers; network-attached storage devices; and Microsoft SharePoint servers.

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Role Management

RSA Business Role Manager delivers top-down and bottom-up role discovery, creation, modeling and suggestions. It helps streamline access based on “birthright” entitlements associated with specific functional roles so that, for example, HR managers receive access to HR systems. It also enables a metrics-driven approach to role modeling based on pattern analysis and policy validation.

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KuppingerCole Executive View on RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle

Read the latest report from John Tolbert, analyst for KuppingerCole, and learn how RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle is a complete solution for managing digital identities, both inside and outside the enterprise. It covers all aspects of identity governance, including attestations and policy exceptions, and all stages of the identity lifecycle, including provisioning, assigning entitlements, and reconciling and removing access.


Solution Brief

RSA SecurID® Suite

Find out how RSA SecurID Suite can help you address two fundamental IAM challenges: verifying that your users are who they say they are and ensuring they have the right level of access across cloud-based and on-premises resources.

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Accelerate Your Business and Minimize Risk with RSA SecurID Suite

The digital revolution has enabled widespread business growth and innovation, but it’s also exposing organizations to new vulnerabilities and risks. Learn how RSA SecurID Suite can help you capture the benefits of digital transformation while mitigating related identity risks.

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  • RSA Data Access Governance RSA Data Access Governance helps organizations gain control over and visibility into user access to unstructured data stored on file servers, network attached storage devices and Microsoft SharePoint servers.



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