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  • Simplify Access Governance: Simplify how user access is governed across the enterprise and achieve sustainable compliance by fully automating the monitoring, reporting, certification and remediation of user entitlements.

  • Speed Deployment at Lower Cost: A configuration over customization approach reduces implementation complexity and allows you to quickly scale an identity management program that meets your business’s needs.

  • Leverage Identity as an Enterprise Risk Control Factor: Provide your organization’s risk and compliance teams with a dynamic understanding of your organization's identities and the potential threats they pose. These insights can yield powerful compliance controls that reduce enterprise risk.

  • Achieve a Sustainable Identity and Access Management Program: Designed for ease of use, RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle easily connects users to target systems and empowers them to administer and manage ongoing policy creation, certification campaigns and system maintenance without costly customized coding.

  • Gain Control and Visibility: Improve your ability to safeguard access to information assets by quickly identifying orphaned accounts, inappropriate user access and policy violations.

  • Streamline Fulfillment of Access Requests: Streamline access request and fulfillment processes to ensure users gain timely access to the resources they need in accordance with compliance objectives.

  • Integrate with Applications and Systems Easily: By separating business logic (presented in a user-friendly interface with policy-driven workflows) from application-specific integration logic, RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle dramatically reduces the effort and costs typically required to integrate with all key enterprise applications and systems.


  • Identity Governance

    RSA Identity Governance helps to achieve sustainable compliance by fully automating the monitoring, reporting, certification and remediation of user entitlements.

  • Data Access Governance

    A complementary add-on to RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle, RSA Data Access Governance provides the ability to monitor, report on and certify the legitimacy of user access permissions to unstructured data resources stored on Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX file servers; network-attached storage devices; and Microsoft SharePoint servers.

  • User Lifecycle Management

    RSA Identity Lifecycle ensures the right people have the right access at the right time. The solution streamlines the access request and provisioning process with a business-friendly, self-service interface for access requests and approvals and an innovative approach to provisioning user access across all target systems.

  • Role Management

    RSA Business Role Manager, a complementary add-on, delivers top-down and bottom-up role discovery, creation, modeling and suggestions. It helps streamline access based on ‘birthright’ entitlements associated with specific job roles (e.g., HR managers receive access to HR systems), and it enables a metrics-driven approach to role modeling based on pattern analysis and policy validation.