RSA IoT Security Monitor

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Secure your IoT infrastructure

RSA IoT Security Monitor detects threats to IoT and edge devices using advanced behavior analytics and threat intelligence. The cloud service identifies anomalies and indicators of compromise and presents alerts in a modern user interface with rich data and response tools.

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Detect threats and anomalies lurking in your IoT infrastructure

  • Visibility across edge and IoT devices

    There will be 38 billion IoT devices deployed by the end of 2020, including sensors, robots, cameras, meters and more. RSA IoT Security Monitor provides visibility into this important and growing component of your infrastructure.

  • Machine learning and behavioral alerting

    The wide range of complex functions performed by IoT devices makes it hard for security teams to spot anomalous behavior. RSA IoT Security Monitor applies advanced machine learning and behavior analytics, along with advanced threat intelligence, to quickly identify instances where devices could be compromised.

  • Dashboard and investigations

    Rich visualization and reporting capabilities enable everyone from operations managers to security analysts to efficiently investigate anomalous activity. Full meta and drill-down capabilities help you focus on risks, not noise.

  • Integration with multiple IoT platforms

    IoT devices and protocols are famously complex. RSA IoT Security Monitor integrates with leading IoT management platforms so you can more easily add advanced security to existing deployments.

Visibility across edge and IoT devices
Digital Risk in the IoT

Digital Risk in the IoT

Maximize IoT benefits, minimize its risks with RSA

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RSA IoT Security Monitor

Secure your IoT infrastructure
RSA IoT Security Monitor

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