With the continued pace of digital transformation, unstructured data—data stored in SharePoint, file shares, collaboration platforms, NAS devices and more, both on-premises and cloud-based—accounts for 80% of enterprise data and will continue to grow exponentially. Governing access to that data is a challenge for organizations, as there is often no easy way to provide insight into where the data resides, who has ownership and who is entitled to access the data.

SecurID Governance & Lifecycle delivers a next-generation open framework to enable a sustainable model for data access governance. It provides visibility, monitoring, certification, remediation and reporting of user access permissions to data stored on file servers (Windows, Linux and Unix), NAS storage and SharePoint servers.

Secure sensitive unstructured data, reduce risk and address compliance mandates

Gaining control of the massive volume of unstructured data is a critical IT and business objective given the rapid pace of digital transformation, including the recent accelerated shift to people working beyond the traditional secure perimeter. The data access governance capability of SecurID Governance & Lifecycle empowers data owners to control access and map users, data owners and access permissions— all to eliminate the exfiltration of sensitive data, reduce threats and improve an organization’s digital risk posture.

Flexible and scalable architecture

The SecurID Governance & Lifecycle data access governance architecture is a proven, scalable solution designed to meet a broad range of performance requirements across tens of thousands of file shares and millions of files.

Enterprise-wide visibility

SecurID Governance & Lifecycle collects, correlates and unifies user identities with Active Directory accounts and groups, SharePoint groups and access permission across all Windows file servers, NAS devices and SharePoint servers.

Enhanced ownership and accountability

Leveraging of user activity and folder ownership helps suggest data resource ownership assignments.

Leverage data classification

The use classification of unstructured data influences and improves governance processes. Organizations can highlight in-review processes and dynamically adjust approval processes based on associated data classification.

SecurID Governance & Lifecycle

SecurID Governance & Lifecycle delivers continuous risk-based access assurance for organizations to ensure their users have the proper level of access to systems, data and applications. By providing visibility across islands of identity in today’s blended cloud and on-premises environment and combining that visibility with risk analytics, the solution enables prioritizing high-risk access situations and empowers business users to quickly and easily address those of highest impact to reduce business risk and ensure compliance.

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