Last year, mentions of “#zerotrust” shot up in Q3 and stayed high for the remainder of the year. It’s possible that, after rushing to enable remote work earlier in 2020, Cybersecurity Twitter started buzzing about zero trust as a way to account for the sudden and dramatic changes brought on by rapidly accelerating digital transformations.

Given how buzzy ‘zero trust’ is, we’re grateful to BetaNews for publishing “Four ways to build a zero trust mindset” by Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, RSA CDO. In the piece, Dr. Ramzan discusses the evolution of zero trust and tips for implementing zero trust effectively.

We’ve written about zero trust before – tracking how zero trust is becoming a key factor in managing risk in the digital age, predicting that cybersecurity will shift to zero trust in 2021, and discussing the technologies and infrastructure organizations should have in place to support zero trust – and the recent BetaNews piece is an important next step in that ongoing conversation. It clarifies the real value that zero trust can bring to organizations and identifies what’s genuinely important when it comes to pursuing zero trust.

Make sure to read Dr. Ramzan’s zero trust piece in BetaNews and follow RSA for more on emerging cybersecurity trends.

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