Roughly 30% of Americans began 2022 by making New Year’s resolutions, promising to make changes that would help them improve their health, clean up their finances or spend more time with their families.

Much like the resolutions that millions of people are striving to meet in 2022, the improvements to the SecurID mobile app will help business partners and stakeholders reach important goals, including simplifying user experience, improving security and reducing costs:

Simple, Intuitive and Accessible

Loyal users spoke and we listened: we’ve reduced the total number of taps needed to interact with the app. The latest update also automatically displays the PIN field so that users will be able to log on and get started quickly.

We’ve also made changes to the user interface, adjusting the design for better readability while maintaining the VoiceOver and TalkBack features to ensure accessibility for everyone.

Less Complexity = Better security

The simpler a solution is, the more likely employees are to use it—and to use it successfully.

That’s why our latest upgrade combines both the SecurID mobile app and the RSA Authenticate mobile app: with more businesses managing growing remote workforces, deploying cloud identity and access management (IAM) and supporting multi-factor authentication (MFA) in the cloud, combining the functionality of both apps creates a one-stop authentication experience for securing log-ins, cloud services and anything a remote employee would need to do their work.

Prioritize Users’ Authentication Preferences

In a hybrid world, security vendors should strive to meet organizations (and their users) wherever they are—and allow them to authenticate however they prefer.

That’s why the latest upgrade to the SecurID mobile app includes multiple cloud-based MFA options, including push notifications, SecurID one-time passcodes (OTP), biometrics, unified provisioning with QR codes and more.

And by providing passwordless options, businesses can minimize a key vulnerability: Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 61% of breaches involved misused credential data. The report also found that 95% of organizations suffering credential attacks “had between 637 and 3.3 billion malicious login attempts throughout the year,” demonstrating just how relentlessly cybercriminals tried to break in using leaked passwords.

Lower Costs—and Happier Admins

Simplifying the user experience and improving the interface are great for users—it ensures that they can use our app to authenticate themselves quickly and successfully.

Those improvements also translate into big cost savings for IT teams. By reducing deployment complexity and eliminating the need for two separate applications, we restore IT teams’ time, budget and bandwidth. Doing so also makes it easier for them to focus their service and support on just one app.

That improvement can add up to significant savings: for larger businesses, nearly 50% of IT help desk costs are allocated to password resets. By helping users reduce the number of passwords they need to authenticate successfully, we’re helping IT teams recoup some of those costs and focus on higher-value incidents.

Meeting Today’s Identity Challenges

We’re proud of the improvements we’ve made to the SecurID mobile app—but we’re not done yet. We’ll continue developing new innovations throughout the year that help organizations meet today’s identity challenges, and we’ll share those updates as soon as they’re available.

In the interim, we hope that SecurID users continue to send us their feedback. Some of these latest improvements result in large part from user recommendations. Let us know what’s working and how we can do even better.

Download the SecurID Authenticator app for mobile devices on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. The app is also available on the Amazon Appstore for users in China.

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