RSA has been securing the world’s most secure organizations for decades. That’s not by accident: our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies guide our work and help reinforce our position as a thriving, dependable, and sustainable organization.

RSA is a company committed to the community. We prioritize the rational use of natural resources in our entire production chain and fairness and social inclusion in corporate relations.

The objectives for these behaviors are practical: a sterling reputation for corporate citizenship enables successful businesses in the long run and help build market-leading companies like RSA. Combining our true interest in environmental issues and social development with quality solutions and innovations, RSA upholds the interests of our stakeholders, gaining their support and commitment.

RSA maintains the following ESG initiatives:

  • RSA operations abide by the laws and regulations of the countries where it operates.
  • The RSA total responsibility policy is certified by an external body, which encompasses the company’s relations with its several types of public , including society and the government.
  • The RSA production chain processes consider the rational use of natural resources from the acquisition of raw material, the use of non-poisonous and non-polluting materials, to proper waste management.
  • To continuously improve its processes and facilities, RSA monitors main consumption indexes at its plants, overseeing their evolution, identifying improvement opportunities, and developing action plans in relation to relevant environmental aspects.

RSA ESG Pillars

RSA secures the world’s most secure organizations. That work matters—but just as important as what we do is how we operate. The following ESG pillars guide global work for RSA employees:

Climate and Energy Transparency and Ethics

Our customers trust RSA to protect their business. We value that trust more than any solution or innovation, and operate transparently and ethically to maintain our reputation.


RSA has been operating for decades. We understand the value of resilience, adapt to new challenges, and help our customers evolve.

Data Security and Quality

RSA is committed to protecting the privacy, security, and quality of all data we collect.

People First

RSA strives to hire, retain, and develop top talent to drive our global business. We respect our employees, partners, suppliers, and stakeholders for what they do and who they are.


Threat actors are always looking for an edge. That’s why RSA develops new technologies, services and solutions that organizations need to defend against cybersecurity threats.

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