Mitigate Cyber Attack Risk

Don’t let a cyber attack put the entire business at risk

Common questions about cyber attack risk

Whatever your questions, you’ll find the answers among the products in the RSA portfolio.

  • Risk

    What do I need to define and communicate cyber attack risk in terms my CEO and board will understand?

    How do I bring security and risk management teams together to more effectively manage cyber risk?

  • IT

    What can I do to reduce the risk of an identity-based cyber attacker leveraging my compromised credentials to gain access to my systems and data?

  • Security

    How can I quickly and accurately detect and prioritize threats?

    How can I automate and coordinate response procedures within and beyond the SOC?

  • Fraud teams

    How can I identify fraud threats in my e-commerce and digital channels?

    How do I understand risks from cybercrime activities happening on the dark web?

  • CISO

    How can I determine how well prepared my organization is to limit the business impact of an attack?

    How do we stack up against peer organizations and standard cyber risk frameworks?

RSA Archer Suite provides a single platform for cataloging security risks and vulnerabilities, and defining the criticality of business assets, processes and data. It offers tools for quantifying cyber risks and understanding business impact as well as establishing workflows to manage coordinated enterprise-wide incident response procedures.

82% of risk and security professionals say their organization considers security breaches a business risk rather than just an IT risk.

Source: “Pain and Progress: The RSA Cybersecurity and Business Risk Study

77% of risk and security professionals say the relationship between business risk and IT security can be difficult to coordinate.

Source: “Pain and Progress: The RSA Cybersecurity and Business Risk Study

69% of risk and security professionals surveyed believe the use of different tools and languages makes communications between security and risk personnel challenging.

Source: “Pain and Progress: The RSA Cybersecurity and Business Risk Study

The challenges of cybersecurity in the digital era

The challenges of cybersecurity in the digital era

Expanded scope of problem: Increasingly digital operations and an advanced threat landscape make it difficult to prioritize and respond to threats.

Far-reaching impact: Digital transformation extends the consequences of an event to third parties and the cloud.

Lack of coordinated response: Siloed security and risk teams are challenged to coordinate efforts to minimize business impact from an attack.

Understand the challenges

Best practices for mitigating cyber attack risk

Best practices for mitigating cyber attack risk

Ensure SOC teams have advanced threat detection capabilities, including SIEM visibility across IoT, OT and cloud assets, enriched with business context.

Reduce silos that prevent a coordinated response by enabling threat assessment based on business impact and integrating workflows across security and risk management.

Make integrated risk management part of the strategy for mitigation, with risk identification and treatment integrations.

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Featured Customer

Confidence in the ability to keep operating—no matter what

Confidence in the ability to keep operating—no matter what

Hear the CISO of Los Angeles World Airports describe how RSA has helped reduce incident response time and align security strategy with business objectives.

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The portfolio of RSA solutions

Integrated Risk Management

Minimize the impact of security incidents with centrally managed investigations and documented procedures for cross-functional incident responses.

Manage risk

Evolved SIEM

Get instant visibility into cybersecurity threats across your digital enterprise with advanced analytics and security orchestration and automation on a single platform.

Stop threats

Identity and Access Management

Reduce the risk from identity-based attacks—one of the largest attack vectors—with multi-factor authentication and risk-based governance.

Secure access

Omnichannel Fraud Prevention

Detect and respond to fraud threats in consumer-facing digital channels with actionable fraud intelligence and risk-based adaptive authentication.

Prevent fraud