Identify and Prevent Online Fraud

Reduce losses from online and mobile fraud and improve profitability with adaptive authentication and behavioral analytics-based fraud detection tools.

Combat the growing scourge of online fraud with threat detection and multifactor authentication tools used and trusted by the world’s largest banks and e-commerce sites.

RSA Web Threat Detection

An advanced threat detection platform that identifies fraud across web and mobile applications by leveraging behavioral analytics to interpret the navigation and intent of each site visitor.

RSA Adaptive Authentication

A complete online fraud detection platform that uses risk-based, multifactor authentication to protect users across web and mobile channels.


Address many common, high-impact fraud threats such as account takeover, automated attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, advanced malware, vulnerability probing and business logic abuse with an out-of-the-box rules library that you can use as-is or customize according to the needs of your organization.

​Identify and investigate fraudulent online events and activities in a matter of hours.

​Shrink fraud losses through faster, more accurate detection without impacting the user experience.

​Increase revenue, improve the customer experience and strengthen your brand reputation by creating a more secure online and e-commerce environment.

​Obtain centralized, actionable reporting and metrics in a user-friendly tool that integrates with other online fraud detection products.




  • Web Session Intelligence for Dummies If your business has a web or mobile presence, you need to be aware of the risk from web threats and those that perpetrate them. A successful attack that results in exposure of customers’ personal or financial data or your business’s intellectual property can end up costing your business millions, and that’s not even taking brand damage into account! Identifying, analyzing, and defending against these threats in real time, all without impacting legitimate customers, is critical.

Analyst Reports

  • The Industrialization of Fraud Demands a Dynamic Intelligence-Driven Response This analyst report explores the response organizations must marshal to stand up to the threat of industrialized cybercrime. Coordinated strategies embracing multiple tactics to limit exposure and improve effectiveness are now mandated by regulators worldwide. The RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence portfolio is highlighted as an example of such a coordinated approach.
  • Financial Institutions, Merchants, and the Race Against Cyberthreats The cyberthreats that menace the global economy are multiplying at an alarming rate. These threats come in the form of malicious software code, waves of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and insidious corporate espionage, all designed to provide financial or political benefit to criminals. While no aspect of the global economy is immune to attack—everyone from government entities to utilities to e-commerce merchants has hit the headlines with big breaches over the last year—this white paper will focus on two of the most lucrative targets for the organizations behind the attacks: financial institutions (FIs) and merchants

White Papers

  • CYBERCRIME 2015: An Inside Look at the Changing Threat Landscape Based on its insight into cybercriminal activity, recovery of over a million actionable findings in 2014 and analysis of around 400,000 unique malware variants each week, RSA Research has identified the top cybercrime trends it expects to see evolving over the coming year.
  • Healthcare Security: 10 Steps to Maintaining Data Privacy in a Changing Mobile World The purpose of this paper is to explain how healthcare organizations can best protect themselves from the rapidly growing threat of security breaches and medical identity theft. CIOs and security consultants will describe best practices for preventing these incidents.
  • Intelligence Driven Fraud Prevention Cybercrime is a big business that has transformed into a global battle against advanced fraud-as-a-service operations. A perfect cyber storm has formed, and it is one that most fraud prevention models weren’t built to handle.