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Whether you just want to kick the tires or get access to a full version of RSA SecurID Access, we’ve got you covered. We provide three options based on what level of detail you are looking to evaluate.

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RSA SecurID Access
Test Drive

Choose to take a Test Drive to experience the modern mobile authentication options from RSA like push and biometrics. This quick demo lets you try the end-user experience for yourself right on your mobile device within minutes.

RSA SecurID Access Cloud Only Trial


Looking to protect cloud applications? Choose this trial option to experience how RSA SecurID Access provides modern mobile multi-factor authentication for cloud apps. This simple and easy option lets you explore and create dynamic policies, and connect to your own cloud apps—with no installation required.

RSA SecurID Access Cloud and On-premise Trial


Looking to protect cloud and on-premise resources, this is the right trial for you. This option lets you connect to any of your applications, enterprise identity sources, and existing RSA SecurID deployments. This trial provides you with full product capabilities for multi-factor authentication to support any use case. This option requires download and installation depending on your specific use cases.

Why Try RSA SecurID Access?

Facilitates Business Growth

Allow employees, customers and third-party business partners to seamlessly and securely access the data and applications they need. Give business users the freedom to deploy SaaS applications to improve business agility without compromising security.

Mitigates Identity & Access Risks

Prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to systems. Identity assurance technology from RSA SecurID Access confirms users are who they say they are by examining a wide range of risk and behavioral factors in real-time.

Aligns Convenience & Security

Get the security you need without sacrificing user convenience. RSA SecurID Access offers a wide variety of authenticators, including push notification, biometrics, and traditional hard and soft tokens, to suit different requirements and use cases. And you can deploy it on-premises, in the cloud “as a service” or in a hybrid model.

The RSA SecurID® Test Drive contains simulated applications. These simulated applications do not contain any real business data and are depictions of a typical application found in a general business environment. These simulated applications and mock data are being provided for demonstrative purposes only.