For many decades, customers have trusted the one-time passcode (OTP) technology delivered by SecurID authenticators available in a broad range of easy-to-use form factors. Now, RSA is making the choice easier than ever by supporting new and emerging standards and offering the broadest portfolio of authentication methods for any use case, on-premises or in the cloud. To suit a wide variety of organization and application requirements, RSA offers the following SecurID authentication methods:

Mobile app

Quickly set up advanced mobile MFA options and give users a single authenticator to access both on-premises and cloud applications on all the major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows). The SecurID mobile app provides convenient authentication methods, such as push notification, device biometrics, FIDO and OTP, to seamlessly access on-premises applications such as virtual private networks (VPNs) or cloud applications like Microsoft 365.

Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) authentication

As a U2F and FIDO2 certified vendor, RSA enables a passwordless experience with the broadest support for FIDO authentication, including hardware, software, wearable and embedded options.

Software authenticators

Deploy SecurID software tokens on mobile devices, desktops and laptops, and make strong authentication a convenient part of doing business. SecurID authenticators are available for the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and more.

Hardware authenticators

Protect sensitive data and mission-critical systems with the industry’s highest-quality two-factor authentication device, the SecurID Hardware Token Authenticator. Gain two-factor authentication, hard disk encryption, email and transaction signing capabilities with a single hardware token.

On-demand: SMS text/voice/email

On-Demand Authentication (ODA) enables users to receive an OTP as an SMS message delivered to their cell phone or via email. Users are sent an OTP to use as a login to their SMS-enabled mobile device.

Backed by the power of risk-based authentication

RSA risk-based authentication automates the analysis (contextual or behavioral) of a series of risk indicators, such as device attributes, user behaviors and geolocation. The higher the risk level presented, the greater the likelihood that it is a fraudulent identity or action. If the risk engine determines the request to be above the acceptable policy, then a “step- up” action is required with another form of authentication.

Highest availability and security with hybrid approach

Organizations need an easy, secure and cost-effective way to support the continually growing collection of authentication methods—a hybrid approach to managing identity risks. RSA instills confidence with its highly available, secure, scalable and convenient hybrid platform with on-premises, virtualized, cloud and hybrid-cloud options for the most security-sensitive organizations. The SecurID platform with identity assurance includes:

  • An unrivaled hybrid approach that not only simplifies cloud adoption, but also ensures that modern authentication methods protect both cloud and on-premises resources.
  • 24×7 authentication availability and protection, and the confidence to move to the cloud.
  • True “no fail-open” offline authentication for both Microsoft Windows and macOS laptop users who are not connected to a network. While other solutions may provide limited offline access, SecurID authentication ensures that users are fully authenticated to sign in, even offline; it provides truly secure access with a seamless experience.
  • Conditional access to enhance detection of abnormal user, device and network activities inside or outside of the corporate premises. With threat intelligence, organizations can mitigate the risk of insider threats and data breaches, and ensure stronger, continuous authentication.
  • Continuous innovations and a Direct Upgrade feature that enable next-generation capabilities; eliminate time-consuming, step-by-step serial upgrade processes; and improve your total cost of ownership (TCO).

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