RSA Ready Technology Partner Program

RSA’s technology partners expand our solution ecosystem with 1000+ certified products, offering customers seamless integration and excellent time to value in the pursuit of business-driven security.

RSA understands that customers want an ecosystem of complementary security solutions that work together seamlessly. We grow our supported technology ecosystem through technology partnerships including our own RSA Ready program.

Under RSA Ready, partners get access to RSA software to develop and test interoperability, which RSA partner engineers then document and certify. RSA promotes the interoperability through communities on RSA Link that leverage the trusted RSA Ready brand.

Certified partners can use the RSA Ready logo to promote their association with RSA to customers and gain leverage with RSA's rich go-to-market ecosystem of systems integrators, resellers and service providers.

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What is the RSA Ready Program?

The RSA Ready program gives technology partners access to RSA software so that they can develop and certify interoperability between their product and RSA's. The RSA Ready designation is awarded to technology partners that have successfully met certification criteria set by RSA. This gives our mutual customers peace of mind that the deployment will be straightforward, documented and supported by RSA.

Why should I become an RSA Ready partner?

The RSA Ready Technology Partner Program provides technology companies with a path to develop, certify and market innovative solutions with RSA. It will allow you to leverage RSA's market-leading technology to expand your reach to customers worldwide and to deliver solutions that drive new business growth and improve customer satisfaction.

What RSA products can I get my product certified with?

  • RSA Archer
  • RSA Identity Governance
  • RSA NetWitness
  • RSA SecurID Access

How do I become a partner?

The first step is to apply to the RSA Ready program. Click the "Apply Now" link above and complete the application form. You may also contact Mike Wolff, RSA Ready Program Manager ( if you have questions or concerns.

What benefits do I get by using the RSA Ready logo? How can I use it?

By becoming an RSA Ready technology partner, you can leverage RSA's brand in the market, creating an association between RSA and your organization. Promote the "RSA Ready" logo on your website, advertising, packaging, start-up screen, device, collateral, tradeshow exhibit or sales presentation.

What is RSA Ready certification?

RSA Ready certification is a process by which RSA partners test interoperability to ensure their product supports all or a designated subset of features of an RSA product. RSA Ready certification testing can be performed by an RSA partner engineer in our RSA Ready Certification Lab or through self-certification performed by the partner.

What is the RSA Ready Certification Lab?

The RSA Ready Certification Lab is located at RSA corporate headquarters in Bedford, MA. Partners can send their hardware equipment or software to the certification lab for interoperability testing by the RSA partner engineering team. The lab is also used for ongoing technical support purposes, as RSA Customer Support can take first-level support calls on RSA Ready certified solutions. In addition, lab infrastructure is used to host an externally-facing environment where partners can log into RSA products for testing and self-certification.

Who is Partner Engineering?

RSA partner engineers assist technology partners in becoming RSA Ready certified. A partner engineer will be assigned as your primary contact at RSA during integration and certification activities. They will assist you in determining the best integration method for your product, provide you with the correct resources and tools, verify when the integration is complete, and document an implementation guide.

Can I self-certify?

Yes. RSA partner engineering encourages partners to perform self-certification to streamline the process. Certification can be performed using RSA-provided software or via the RSA Ready certification portal. In either case, RSA partner engineering will provide test criteria and detailed instructions on how to complete the process.

How long does it take to certify?

Upon executing the RSA Ready agreement, partners are expected to complete development and certification within a 6-month time period, but modifications to the timeline can be accommodated due to product release schedules, etc. The testing process itself, depending on which RSA product your product is being certified with, could take as little as 30 minutes.

Will I be getting RSA software? Is it intended for testing and certification only?

If software is required for your integration then yes, RSA partner engineering will provide the software necessary for you to develop and test the solution. Any RSA software provided through the RSA Ready Program is not to be used in a production environment.

Is there a cost?

No, the RSA Ready Program is free for all qualified Technology Partners.

What happens after I sign the RSA Ready agreement?

You will be contacted by a partner engineer who will discuss the interoperability, scope and timeline of your project, and answer any questions you may have.

What happens after RSA Ready certification?

Your certification will be added to the RSA Ready Community along with information about your company and corresponding documents (e.g., implementation guides, solution briefs, etc.). You will receive an email with your URL, the RSA Ready logo and brand usage guidelines. Once your product has been certified as RSA Ready, the RSA technical support organization will also take first-level support calls from mutual customers.

What is the RSA Ready Community?

The RSA Ready Community is a web portal where customers can learn about RSA Ready partners and certified solutions. The community hosts all of the RSA Ready implementation guides, solution briefs, and other company and marketing-related information. RSA customers will visit this site to download the most current information on how to make your solution work with RSA products. RSA sales and reseller partners also use this site when selling RSA and partner ecosystem security solutions.