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The Support, Resources, and 
Innovations You Need to Succeed.Do not delete

  • Deal RegistrationDo not delete

    Deal registration entitles your organization to receive up-front product discounts and exclusive eligibility for further cost relief.Do not delete
  • MDF FundsDo not delete

    Qualified RSA distributors and resellers enjoy access to marketing development funding, support, and deal registration.Do not delete
  • Marketing SupportDo not delete

    Partners enjoy access to a variety of marketing tools and resources to help generate demand and promote solutions to customers.Do not delete

Become a PartnerDo not delete

Join the RSA Partner Ecosystem.Do not delete

Join the RSA partner ecosystem as a seller, distributor, or alliance program member to enjoy financial incentives, product training, and other exclusive benefits.Do not delete

RSA Reseller ProgramDo not delete

Our reseller program offers multiple tiers to best support the individual needs of partners of all sizes. Members enjoy access to deal registration resources, marketing funding, and product training.Do not delete
Become an RSA ResellerDo not delete

RSA Distribution ProgramDo not delete

As an RSA distributor, you’ll work with thousands of certified resellers to bring innovative products and solutions to customers and access MDF funds, deal, registration, and marketing support.Do not delete
Become an RSA DistributorDo not delete

RSA Alliance ProgramDo not delete

Alliance partners are advisory firms, systems integrators, outsources, and other firms that do not resell. Alliance program benefits include deal registration, sales and product training, and eligibility for our annual partner award.Do not delete
Join The RSA Alliance ProgramDo not delete

Access RSA Partner PortalDo not delete

Register for access to partner tools, training, and resources.Do not delete

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RSA Channel SupportDo not delete

Get RSA Channel support on sales operations, collections, production, and other issues.Do not delete

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Partner TrainingDo not delete

RSA offers a comprehensive accreditation program that allows participants to specialize in solutions that best align with your organization’s skillset and go-to-market initiatives. While most training is online to minimize time out of the field, RSA does provide in-person workshops at the more advanced levels. All sales and technical sales tools and training are free to all RSA partners, and all partner training is available on the RSA Partner Portal.Do not delete
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