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Rapid shifts in globalization, demographics, work styles and work sourcing are transforming the way companies manage their businesses. These shifts, including the widespread use of cloud and off-site networks, also open up new vectors of risk and potential threats and attacks. In this groundbreaking survey, SANS, in cooperation with RSA, will probe the risk factors associated with workforce transformation and what organizations are most concerned about. The survey also will examine what organizations are doing to mitigate risks.

Webcast attendees will learn top trends in workforce transformation and how organizations could be affected by the outcomes of transformation, including potential data loss, attacks on networks and data, compliance and other legal issues, reputation damage and more. Best practices for managing the risks associated with workforce transformation will also be discussed.

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Organizations are exploring exciting new opportunities through the digital transformation of their operations—adopting digital technologies like mobile, cloud and IoT to operate more efficiently, collaborainge more effectively and creating new channels through which to deliver innovation in the marketplace.

But guess what? So are cybercriminals. Fraudsters and other bad actors are undergoing their own form of digital transformation to make cybercrime activity more efficient.

Join us for a live webinar on Tuesday, December 10th to learn more about:

  • The digital revolution that both sides are experiencing and its implications for fraud and other forms of cybercrime
  • The latest techniques fraudsters are utilizing to conduct fraud, including: credential stuffing, “reverse vish” attacks, and the growth of cybercrime in social media
  • The role of RSA® FraudAction™ in fraud prevention, threat management and advanced cyber intelligence

As traditional risks change due to technology, emerging risks related to digital business represent a growing segment of concern.  Join our panel of industry experts from the private and public sector for a conversation on how to talk digital risk and get real-world advice on how to make your next board meeting a success.

When it comes to data breaches or hacks, it does not matter who is to blame, the fault always lies with the owning organization.  Vendors put companies at risk and management of third-parties is critical to meeting regulations, holding the trust of your customers and keeping your organization out of the headlines. Whether your business has dozens or thousands of third-party vendors in its ecosystem, the need has never been greater to properly assess, rate and monitor these outside firms to ensure your risk management program can act on threats third-party vendors bring into your environment.  


During this session we will demonstrate how teams can fully understand the extent of their overall third-party risk using RSA Archer Third Party Security Risk Monitoring with new integrated functionality from RiskRecon.

This session will cover:

  • The current state of the compliance landscape and challenges facing today’s top organizations
  • Proven methods to meet regulatory demands, while employing digital transformation in the management of compliance obligations
  • How RSA Archer Regulatory Content Analysis can help organizations understand the impacts of regulatory changes while minimizing resource-intensive manual processes

How are security, IT, finance and risk management executives addressing digital risk on a day-to-day basis inside their organizations? Which executive is ultimately responsible for managing digital risk? How are companies quantifying it, and what’s the single biggest threat to managing it effectively? Maxine Holt, Research Director with Ovum, presents qualitative research that answers these (and other) questions. 

It’s official: digital transformation is having a palpable impact on companies’ risk profiles, according to the results of our landmark RSA® Digital Risk Report, the first definitive survey of organizations’ perceptions of—and plans for managing—digital risk. An overwhelming 90 percent of survey respondents indicate their organization’s risk profile is expanding as a result of their digital transformation initiatives.

This webinar focuses on helping CISOs and risk management leaders elevate the topic of digital risk and make sure other critical stakeholders are continuously engaged in it. Attendees will gain strategies for ensuring that cybersecurity and digital risk remain regular items on the board’s agenda and learn ways to engage key stakeholders.

This webinar will explore communication challenges around information security, the typical journey organizations are taking to bring information risk management into the broader umbrella of business risk management, and the advantages accruing to organizations as they mature their information risk management programs.

This webinar is geared toward security and risk management leaders who are trying to improve visibility and collaboration between their functions. During this webinar, we’ll show attendees how they can use our new self-assessment tool, the RSA Digital Risk Index, to spark actionable conversations about digital risk with their peers. We’ll also share risk mitigation checklists geared toward CISOs and CROs, as well as best practices we’ve seen our customers use to get risk and security teams on the same page.

As Financial institutes are going through their digital transformation journey, FinTech innovation is leading to new competition offering digital services, forcing financial institutes to rethink their strategy and create new partnerships powered by the API economy. Payments innovations such as Zelle Payments are catalyzing a dramatic growth in the volume of digital payments. In turn, potential points of compromise and vulnerabilities and the total value of money that is being transferred through digital channels are increasing, exposing financial institutes to more potential fraud losses. Join us to learn more about how to protect Zelle Payments with RSA Adaptive Authentication.

In today’s global, fast-paced and complex business environments, organizations are continually facing uncertainties, disruptions and changes daily. Managing these risks and threats is no easy task, however it is of the vital importance in the data driven world we operate in. Join Patrick Potter, GRC Strategist, RSA as he discusses links between the objectives of Operational Risk Management and Operational Resiliency, integrating operational risks as part of a comprehensive GRC strategy, and understanding the risks in the context of your business today.

Today’s executives are focused on accelerating the time required to bring products, services, and features to market. In the “innovate or die” economy, the risk manager’s imperative is to support this growth objective while minimizing risk. In many cases, this acceleration involves leveraging an innovative third party. While the objective of risk management is not changing, the pressure is on organizations to manage risk (both internal and external) in a better, faster, and less expensive manner.

In this webinar, RSA’s Steve Schlarman and The Security Ledger’s Paul Roberts explore the critical role risk management plays in the success of digital transformation initiatives. They share case studies of companies that are managing digital risk effectively and offer an approach for managing these risks. This webinar outpaced the first one in the series as our most popular webcast ever.

May 25th will mark the one year anniversary of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it changed the way organizations worldwide had to meet their new compliance requirements. For many organizations, GDPR was a challenging undertaking that requires new processes, technology, skills, and oversight mechanisms. Organizations had to find new ways to embed privacy in what they do, encouraging collaboration across teams, and promoting a corporate culture that places their customers privacy at its core.

If your organization is pursuing digital transformation in any capacity, you’ll want to get ahead of the risks. This webinar—our most popular to date—serves as your introduction to the topic of digital risk. It will help you begin to identify the risks associated with your organization’s digital transformation, along with measures you can take to manage and mitigate them.

1 hr
13 Mar 2019

Building on the popularity of the highly technical Operationalizing Incident Response workshop, RSA is offering a special virtual version of this in-person event. During the webinar, Shane Harsh will describe a business-driven security framework for the fundamentals of operational threat hunting and incident response. This will enable your organization to understand the essential elements required to build an effective, repeatable, and cross-functional IR plan.

More than 200 survey participants shared their views on factors that influence the choice of technology, budgets for improvement and plans for change. Join the webinar to learn you can use the results of this survey to help you to make the business case for improving GRC technology use in your organization.

As organizations embark on their digital transformation journey, they require secure access that is convenient, pervasive and intelligent. The new release of RSA SecurID® Suite ensures that users have timely access to the resources they need—from any device, anywhere—and that users are who they say they are. Join us for this informative event to learn how RSA SecurID® Suite helps improve operational efficiencies with automation to gain valuable insight into user access and experience faster time to value.

As Europe settles into life under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the United States is grappling with potential legislation of its own to protect consumer information. Questions remain about what U.S. data privacy legislation might look like, but companies have already begun to strategize. Join the webinar for additional insights on the survey results.

Agencies are currently facing multiple security, identity and governance programs. For the most part, they tend to act as individual disciplines with siloed agendas, schedules, obligations, users and budgets. Most of these programs take severely different approaches to common challenges, such as inclusion, classifications for different types of users and specific technical details about target coverage models. Attend this webinar to learn how to architect a path forward and receive one (ISC)2 CPE credit.

Business disruptions from events such as cyber threats, natural disasters or third-party interruptions have the potential to cause serious harm to the organization’s operations, finances and reputation. Further, factors such as 24/7 service delivery and digital business transformations are putting greater pressure on business and IT resources, making it more important than ever to have effective recovery plans as a part of your organization’s resiliency programs. In this webinar, we will explore challenges to business and IT recovery, as well as discuss proven methods to get your business and IT disaster recovery efforts off the ground.

Do you want to know what’s next for RSA® Identity Governance and Lifecycle? Are you curious to see where the new user experience is heading and keen to know how you can further reduce the burden of managing Identity Risks? Join us for this live webinar to catch a sneak peek into some of the enhancements we are planning for this Winter

Explore how Dell EMC's Data Protection Suite and RSA's NetWitness can successfully secure your infrastructure, increase your platform efficiency, and simplify management processes. Both Dell EMC and RSA ransomware solutions can be found on Carahsoft's Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Tools Special Item Number (SIN) 132-44 on our GSA IT Schedule 70. Join us on October 23rd to learn how these solutions can protect your workspace with threat detention and data protection

1 hr
23 Oct 2018

Do you find yourself thinking “I don’t have time for all of these alerts? It just takes me too much time to collect the data per incident?” Or  “Why are my tier 3 analysts dealing with so many manual tasks instead of hunting?” Join RSA to learn about how Security Automation and Orchestration can help reduce alert fatigue, make your SOC team more efficient, and better leverage existing security investments than “just” adding new tools.

The days of securing a well-defined perimeter around your organization are gone. The cloud, mobile technologies, the internet of things (IoT), and diverse user groups freely exchange data across digital ecosystems, network, and economies. This fluidity, however, means that organizations must secure access at multiple points throughout the organization, or risk letting in intruders seeking to hijack data. Join RSA identity expert Tony Karam to learn how MFA can transform how you provide secure access—to any application, from any device, anywhere, at any time.

The threat landscape continues to be aggressive, with the advantage on the side of threat actors. Attackers use ever evolving tools and techniques that evade signature based intrusion detection technology. Come hear how RSA NetWitness® Platform for threat defense applies the most advanced technology to detect, prioritize, automate, and investigate threats that have bypassed log-centric SIEMs and preventative controls in a fraction of the time of other platforms.

With new regulations like the EU GDPR, the California Privacy Law and the commonplace news of yet another company’s information systems breach – the world seems to be hyper-focused on privacy. In this webinar, we will explore the privacy challenges and obligations that organizations face and discuss proven methods to quickly get your data privacy program off the ground.

1 hr
13 Sep 2018

The EU's Payment Services Directive II (PSD2) is going to unlock many new opportunities for banks, service providers and consumers. However, there will also be new challenges to overcome. Learn more about the major technical requirements for implementing PSD2, how it will impact the incidence of fraud, and how adaptive authentication can be used to effectively combat it in this recorded webinar.

1 hr
13 Sep 2018

Would you ride in an autonomous vehicle if you knew it did not know where other cars were located while in motion?  This is akin to asking your users to share data on the network with no idea who, what or when that data is being shared and how secure it is. Join this webinar to explore how to give security analysts the visibility they need in order to properly understand the risks and potential threats to the network, ultimately protecting information and the business itself.

Identity governance can be an expansive program with many ways to implement the people, processes and technology to effectively govern access. In this session, you will hear examples of customer success within key areas of identity governance using RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle. Join us to hear how IAM leaders like you are implementing RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle to achieve their identity governance goals.

30 min
28 Aug 2018

Get a first-hand look at the capabilities that make RSA NetWitness Platform® a unique threat detection and response solution. Ask the experts how these capabilities can help your team leverage the people you have to be more effective, accelerate threat investigations, understand the full scope of an attack, and more.

The number and significance of third party relationships continues to grow for organizations across all industries and geographies. When an organization falters in some way, the root cause of the problem is often linked to a third-party relationship. Unfortunately, many organizations that are hit by third party problems didn’t see them coming and had no chance to steer clear. In this webinar, we will explore proven methods to quickly get your third party governance program off the ground.

RSA conducted a study on the convergence of IT Security and Business Risk teams, to see if and how these teams collaborate to help reduce risk and strengthen threat detection and response. This webinar reviews key findings from a survey of 175 IT Security and 131 business risk (e.g. GRC, governance, risk, compliance, auditing, legal, IRM, integrated risk management) professionals. The findings highlight the challenges organizations face and the actions they’ve taken to improve collaboration—between people and also across goals, processes, tools and metrics—between their IT Security and Business Risk teams.

Customers across industries and around the world rely on RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle to mitigate identity risk through a governance-first approach to access management. We’re excited to reveal several key enhancements and innovations designed to mitigate risk and strengthen security, governance and compliance during this live session. Join us to learn about these and other innovations and to get an inside look at our latest vision and roadmap for RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle.

For many organizations, legacy and custom-built applications form the backbone of their businesses, powering core functions from finance to customer-facing systems. Yet often these applications are inadequately secured with just usernames and passwords, making them attractive targets for hackers and highly vulnerable to credential-based attacks. View part 5 of this 5-part webinar series to learn about an alternative approach to adding MFA to these custom and legacy applications.

With so many channels, both traditional and new, financial institutions are struggling with ways to offer a seamless customer journey while also managing digital risk. Join us for a live webinar where we will discuss current global trends in digital fraud, the market forces driving digital banking transformation, and success criteria for omnichannel fraud prevention, including case studies and demonstrated results.

Looking to make multi-factor authentication (MFA) more accessible to a wider range of users? View part 4 of this 5-part webinar series to find out how easy it is to use advanced mobile authenticators from RSA SecurID Access to provide your users with convenient, secure access to the VPN.

Organizations are turning to digital workspace platforms like VMware Workspace ONE to simplify users’ ability to gain access to the resources they need. Yet these digital workspaces—and the applications they support—also need to be secured without inconveniencing end users. View part 3 of this 5-part webinar series to find out how RSA SecurID® Access provides simple push or mobile biometric MFA for convenient access to these workspaces and applications.

1 hr
14 Jun 2018

How do you begin your journey to an Intelligent SOC? Start by evaluating where your dimensions of visibility, analytics, automation, and risk fall. With that knowledge you can build your roadmap in a sequence that delivers maximum impact and cost effectiveness. Join RSA experts to get tips on building your roadmap.

Protecting access to accounts and data is critical in today’s digital world. This is especially true for your organization’s most privileged accounts, which now extend beyond a root server or admin console to highly privileged users in the cloud. In part 2 of this 5-part webinar series, you will learn how multi-factor authentication from RSA SecurID Access can better protect privileged accounts across your enterprise, including admin access to critical infrastructure and privileged access management tools.

Gábor Varjas, the CISO of MOL Group, an international oil and gas company based in Hungary, speaks about his team’s journey to an intelligent security operations center (SOC) with members of the RSA Advanced Cyber Defense (ACD) Practice. Whether you have a full-blown SOC in place or a small security team, Varjas and the RSA ACD team share insights, best practices and “lessons learned” intended to help any security team improve its detection and response capabilities.

We all know we need more than just usernames and passwords to protect our organization’s data, especially data stored in the cloud. In part 1 of this 5-part webinar series, we will explore several concrete steps you can take to secure access to cloud applications—without impeding the user experience—using simple, convenient multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Join Patrick Potter, GRC Strategist for RSA Archer® for an interactive webcast where he will share why organizations with a strong focus on business resiliency will have a much better chance of not only enduring in the face of disruptions, but also find that they can use their ability to “bend but not break” as a competitive advantage.

3D Secure 2.0 is expected to have a profound impact on the payments industry by accelerating digital commerce and offering a better user experience with increased fraud protection for card-not-present transactions. Whether you have already started on the journey or are only just beginning, there are many considerations to help you get prepared to make a smooth transition. Tune in to this on-demand webinar to hear recommendations from a leading analyst for what you should be doing to prepare to move to 3D Secure 2.0.

Most security operations centers rely on a security information and event management (SIEM) system to understand what’s happening in their environment and detect malicious activity. However, traditional SIEMs were built for compliance and log management purposes, so they don’t give SOC analysts the full visibility or sophisticated capabilities they need to detect and respond to today’s advanced and targeted threats. Get tips for evaluating SIEM solutions.

1 hr
01 May 2018

Social networks attract all kinds — and now, not surprisingly, they’re used as global havens for cybercrime.  The use of social media platforms by cybercriminals is on the rise and has seen exponential growth in the volume of visible fraud activity.  From live compromised financial data to carding services and malware kits, social media is becoming the new Dark Web for the sale of cybercriminal tools.

1 hr
12 Apr 2018

In today’s perimeter-free world, deploying multiple, prevention-focused point products or focusing only on complying with regulatory guidelines is not sufficient to prove the comprehensive protection required by the government enterprise. Learn more about the five key function areas which define the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF): identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover.

Join us on April 4th for an informative and interactive webinar with the RSA SecurID team and see what’s new with RSA SecurID Access. You’ll see how RSA SecurID Access is strengthening its cloud offering with the integration of RSA Authentication Manager (AM) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). And, you’ll learn how to connect to anything with RSA SecurID Access and provide mobile optimized authentication methods including push notification, biometrics, FIDO, SMS/Voice and more.

In this live Harvard Business Review webinar, Forrester analyst Enza Iannopollo—author of The State of GDPR Readiness—will lead a discussion about how to use GDPR to improve your organization’s security strategy.

Attend this webinar to discover what’s new with RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle version 7.1, released February 2018. You’ll get a live demo of the solution in action plus you’ll learn about our new Recommended Practices and Implementation Blueprints that are designed to simplify key processes and integrations.

The process of securing public, private and hybrid clouds is not unlike training for a marathon. To be successful in either endeavor, preparation—having a training plan—is key. During this webinar, experts from RSA and Ixia will share strategies for securing your workloads in various cloud environments.

The market demands are more like “Have it your way!” for modern approach to authentication…that’s why many of the one-trick ponies that can only do one thing for certain apps will become obsolete or acquired as Access Management vendors will face the complex reality that enterprises who want modern authentication will also want access that’s pervasive, connected and continuous – not just 2FA or SSO. 

The RSA Global Incident Response team will share a real-world, technical case study demonstrating how it used RSA NetWitness® Platform to contain and remediate a sophisticated attack perpetrated by the threat actor group Carbanak (also known as FIN7). You’ll come away with proven methods for threat hunting and incident response, as well as an in-depth understanding of how Carbanak intrusions tend to take place, so that you know what to look for in your own environment.

Let’s face it — when it comes to moving applications and data to the cloud, enterprises want to streamline operations and deliver a better user experience. However, they don’t want to sacrifice security or performance. In fact, modern enterprises expect a journey to the cloud that ultimately enables better security. Better access. Better performance. The question is: Is it possible?

RSA Web Threat Detection helps organizations respond faster to automated attacks, account takeover, fraudulent payments and many more high-impact cyber threats with zero impact on site performance. Join us for a live webinar where we will discuss the latest release of RSA Web Threat Detection which now offers enhanced flexibility for multi-tenancy enabling technology service providers to add it to their environment and provide it as a managed service to their customers.

1 hr
07 Feb 2018

As identity theft and credential-based attacks continue to rise, organizations wonder how this can be when they’re investing so much time and effort deploying identity and access management solutions. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Identity has become the most consequential attack vector to the modern enterprise. They are essentially outmatched by increasing identity risks. If you’re feeling the pressure, you can’t afford to miss this webinar.

30 min
08 Feb 2018

Mass data breaches have created an abundance of verified credentials for sale and led to a spike in account takeover attacks. Join RSA as we peer into the dark web and explore the Sentry MBA toolkit, one of the most popular automated attack tools being used by cybercriminals to conduct account takeover on major popular websites.

1 hr
22 Jan 2018

The cost savings, agility and innovation capabilities associated with cloud computing are driving widespread adoption of cloud services among organizations of all sizes. At the same time, pressure to secure cloud environments is intensifying, and cybersecurity teams are feeling the heat from multiple sides: Not only are they under regulatory pressure, but securing the cloud often necessitates dramatic changes to the way they approach cybersecurity.

Every asset on your network and in the cloud has privileged accounts—everything from network devices like routers and switches to server operating systems to the databases and applications on those servers and, of course, all levels of cloud assets from IaaS to SaaS and in between. And with today’s risks, privileged sessions need more than passwords. If you pick and choose which assets to protect with multi-factor authentication (MFA), you are leaving layers of your network vulnerable.

As identity theft and credential-based attacks escalate, organizations wonder how this can be when they're investing so much time and effort deploying identity and access management solutions. Despite their best efforts, identity has become the most consequential attack vector to the modern enterprise. Organizations are essentially outmatched by increasing identity risks.

Each organization’s journey to the cloud is unique, but those journeys are more frequently being driven by business rather than technology needs. Consequently, security teams are put in an awkwardly reactive posture. The momentum driving organization’s deeper into the cloud, coupled with the need to secure a hybrid cloud and on-prem environment, present distinct challenges and threats.

Most organizations have implemented SIEM as well as identity and access management technologies. But, are these systems talking to each other? Join RSA and Ultimate Windows Security to learn about the event information generated by access management and authentication technologies and how that data can be leveraged once it’s in your SIEM.

Preparing for GDPR is no small task—the regulation places specific requirements on organizations, such as recording processing activities, demonstrating accountability and reporting a breach within 72 hours of discovery. In addition, organizations could be liable for fines of up to 4% of annual global revenue (or 20 million euros, whichever is greater).

The GDPR has important implications for every business, even for those that have no operations in Europe. However, Osterman Research has found that even with implementation of the GDPR just seven months away [at the time of the webinar], many businesses are not well prepared to meet the compliance obligations of this critical requirement. Join us to explore how the GDPR will impact your business and how you can comply with the key provisions of this landmark requirement before the May 25, 2018 deadline.

In today’s hyper expansive and unpredictable market, it isn’t sufficient to be ‘just good enough’ when it comes to managing risk. Every day, in organizations around the globe, risk, compliance, security and GRC champions are being asked questions they can’t answer. The pressure to provide your business with key insights into risk is building and, without a well thought out approach, you can unfortunately end up making insignificant progress and providing little value to the organization. View the on demand webinar for six major concepts you need to consider when building out your risk management strategy.

In today’s digital world, boundaries are blurring. Driven by “need it now” business demands, cloud applications are surfacing in business environments everywhere, often with little or no IT involvement. We need to find a way to embrace today’s boundaryless business world, while maintaining security confidence, ensuring that we meet increasing compliance demands, and doing so in a way that’s seamless and easy for our users.

30 min
23 Oct 2017

Now that so many applications have moved to the cloud, and users continue to embrace mobility, your organization must work toward fully embracing the new opportunities this boundaryless world presents. It’s time to shift traditional thinking away from authentication as a static one-time event and move towards a more modern authentication strategy that doesn’t require a trade-off between security and convenience.

45 min
12 Oct 2017

The EU (European Union) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), taking effect in May of 2018, will be a game-changing regulation that will reset the best practice models for data privacy and protection globally. Join us as we share practical insights to help organizations start to prepare for the GDPR and demo our two new RSA Archer use cases that are designed to directly support organizations’ efforts to establish robust data privacy and data protection programs to address requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The release of 3D Secure 2.0, and more recently, the PSD2 directive in the EU, has raised many questions as to what influence each holds for digital transactions, e-commerce, and consumer authentication. Both are expected to have a major impact on global payments and come at a perfect time. This webinar highlights the latest developments in 3D Secure 2.0 and PSD2, the impact on consumer authentication, and recommendations for what issuers and merchants can do to prepare.

Dive into RSA NetWitness Platform, and see why it's so exciting for analysts and security leaders, including:

  • User interfaces built to help analysts respond to attacks 
  • A non-siloed analytics engine to find attacks that could otherwise go undetected
  • Behavioral analytics and machine learning to automate the correlation of massive volumes of disparate data 
  • Visibility across the enterprise – from the endpoint to the cloud
30 min
21 Sep 2017

The RSA Adaptive Authentication ecosystem approach enables organizations to allow data from other anti-fraud tools to improve performance of the RSA Risk Engine and make more informed decisions about the probability of fraud.  Now, RSA Web Threat Detection offers yet another integration point for Adaptive Authentication to improve fraud detection.  Learn more about the integration between Adaptive Authentication and Web Threat Detection and how you can get more value out of your existing RSA investments.

Organizations are beginning to understand the role incident response plays in their broader cybersecurity strategy: The faster they can respond to a threat, the sooner they can limit its business impact. In this webinar, RSA and Forrester Research discuss the incident response services landscape, and RSA incident responders share their real-world experiences tackling some of the most complex cybersecurity challenges.

Look at information security through the lens of business risk, and you’ll begin to make decisions about security in light of their impact on the business. A GRC framework for business risk management can help you identify key business priorities and align them with security information and decisions.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), taking effect in May of 2018, will be a game-changing regulation that will reset the best practice models for data privacy and protection globally. As a regulation, as opposed to a directive, it will directly impose a uniform data security law on all EU members and will also apply to non-EU companies if they process personal data of EU individuals. The GDPR will increase privacy for individuals and give regulatory authorities greater powers to take action against businesses that breach the new law.

Identity is today’s most consequential attack vector, with 81% of confirmed data breaches involving weak, default or stolen passwords. Organizations are working to protect this threat vector and enforce strong access controls, address legislative requirements and keep data from getting in the wrong hands. Learn about how organizations are moving from simple two-factor authentication to modern, mobile multi-factor authentication for better identity assurance.

Business Risk Management solutions are about more than security. They provide an accurate, aggregated and timely view of all enterprise risk—whether that risk is associated with people, processes, technologies, third parties or regulations —and provide a unified response to any security incident. View part one of this two-part webcast series to understand how organizations can make better risk management decisions by understanding and communicating information security in terms of overall business impact.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), taking effect in May of 2018, will reset best practices for data privacy and protection globally. Preparing for GDPR is no small task. This, in addition to the substantial penalties for non-compliance, has propelled data protection as a business risk directly into the boardroom. View the on-demand webinar for five tips to accelerate your GDPR readiness, improve your risk management strategies and help you fulfill GDPR obligations.

As the traditional network perimeters dissolve and users demand more convenient access to their applications and data, IT security teams are taking a new look at how authentication is delivered. Join Dave Taku, an RSA identity expert, to learn how to modernize your authentication strategy and take authentication to the next level with identity assurance.

Traditional identity and access management technologies leave IT security and operations teams ill-equipped to simultaneously ensure convenience and strong security without compromise. To address increasing security and compliance demands, organizations must ensure the identities of employees inside their protected network along with millions of users outside their walls. Join Jim Ducharme, VP of Identity Products at RSA, to learn how the right IAM technology can help you protect today’s most consequential attack vector.

1 hr
28 Jun 2017

While investigating a popular class of exploits, RSA Research detected a common thread running through multiple campaigns. Continued research led to the identification of a massive domain-shadowing operation underpinning numerous campaigns and a significant cross-section of criminal infrastructure. Join the RSA Research team as they discuss what they discovered and how they discovered it.

20 min
17 May 2017

From cashout and account takeover services to digital currency exchange, fraud-as-a-service websites are offering a wide variety of cybercrime goods and services that have been traditionally thought to be reserved for underground marketplaces and forums.  Learn about the phenomenon of fraud-as-a-service websites, the reasons for their increased popularity, and the most common goods and services for sale.

1 hr
19 Apr 2017

Across industries and at organizations of all sizes, CISOs are struggling with the scarcity of cybersecurity talent. With more than 200,000 security positions going unfilled in the U.S. alone, competition for the experienced analysts who can help keep your organization secure will remain high. In this webinar, a panel of experts will share their views on the cybersecurity skills gap and steps security leaders can take to address it.

1 hr
23 Mar 2017

Digital channels have become ground zero in the fight against fraud.  However, translating the war against cybercrime into business metrics that senior leadership understands can be just as challenging as the battle against enterprise fraud threats.  explore how organizations are addressing the respective challenges and motivations that come with defining success including the factors driving investment in fraud prevention technology and recommendations for measurin g fraud risk management performance.

From mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) to public, private and hybrid clouds, the explosion in new technologies isn’t just transforming business; it’s also transforming traditional approaches to cybersecurity. This webinar highlights the security risks associated with four major technology trends: the cloud, mobile devices, IoT and third-party access.

Turning credentials into cash would not be possible without the help of money mules. Whether in the form of humans or accounts, fraudsters have built sophisticated mule networks, making them one of the most difficult parts of the fraud supply chain to detect.  Learn how to write rules in RSA Web Threat Detection to uncover and investigate potential mule activity and how one organization is doing so with great success.

Defending against human ingenuity demands a new way of thinking. With countless dollars spent and infinite alerts you still don’t have a true picture of what is going on.  So when a breach happens, can you answer THE question: “How bad is it?” The inability to do so is what RSA calls the “gap of grief.” To answer, you must connect your security strategy and business risks.

30 min
10 Nov 2016

Money mules are a common fraud-as-a-service offering in the Dark Web and absolutely critical in enabling the cash out process.  Whether in the form of humans or accounts, mules are one of the most difficult parts of the fraud supply chain to detect.  Get an inside look at how fraudsters are running money mule businesses in the Dark Web and how RSA proactively seeks this intelligence on behalf of our customers.

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