RSA Business-Driven Security Solutions

Enabling You to Link Business Risk to Security Incidents

RSA Business-Driven Security solutions help organizations better protect their most valuable assets and understand the impact of security incidents on business risk.

RSA Business-Driven Security solutions give security leaders the visibility and insight they need to lead powerful, board-level conversations about cyber risk.


Business-Driven Security Webcast

An essential resource, this webcast explains why a new approach to cybersecurity is so critical, the elements of a business-driven approach, and how RSA’s integrated technology and risk management capabilities come together to deliver an end-to-end Business-Driven Security solution.

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Taming Cybersecurity Regulation Mayhem

Top security executives from Global 1000 companies share three strategies they’ve used to ease regulatory compliance burdens. They also discuss different frameworks that have helped their organizations reconcile competing cybersecurity regulations.

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White Paper

Protecting Today’s Complex IT Infrastructures with Business-Driven Security Solutions

Find out how a Business-Driven Security strategy can address the challenges associated with today’s complex, sprawling IT infrastructures. Learn specific tactics for mitigating security risks associated with cloud computing, mobile devices, the Internet of Things, and more.

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Translating Security Leadership into Board Value

This forward-looking report presents practical tips for security leaders and corporate boards who wish to improve their communication, collaboration and governance of cyber risk as they jointly drive a Business-Driven Security agenda.

The Benefits of a Business-Driven Security Strategy

RSA CTO on the Business-Driven Security Approach

Zulfikar (Zully) Ramzan, chief technology officer for RSA, explains why it’s so important for organizations to stop treating cybersecurity as a technology issue and start driving it as a business issue.

End-to-End Visibility: The Foundation of Business Driven Security

Watch this 80-second video to learn how RSA NetWitness® Suite supports Business-Driven Security by providing organizations with visibility across their IT infrastructure.

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Start driving security as a business issue


RSA is the only company that enables the three most critical elements of a Business-Driven Security™ strategy: rapid threat detection and response, identity and access management, and business risk management. Schedule a meeting to learn more about our Business-Driven Security solutions.



Fighting the ‘Gap of Grief’ with a Business-Driven Security Strategy

A Business-Driven Security strategy enables security leaders to overcome “the gap of grief”—the inability to explain the business impact of security incidents in language the CEO can understand. Find out how.

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Protecting Today’s Complex IT Infrastructures with Business-Driven Security Solutions

Join RSA for an insightful discussion about the security risks associated with four major technology trends: the cloud, mobile devices, IoT and third-party access. Get specific tactics for addressing these risks and learn how Business-Driven Security can help you address those and other threats.

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Analyst Reports



  • Closing the Cyber Skills Gap - The Security Team Force Multiplier Security teams need to be able to identify what matters most to the business, and fast. Watch RSA and KPMG security experts discuss how the right threat detection and response technology can be your force multiplier.
  • Customer Perspective: An Inside Look at the Temasek Polytechnic-RSA Security Operations Center RSA works closely with tertiary institutions to help train the next generation of security analysts. One such initiative is a partnership with Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic to create a learning Security Operations Center where students gain hands-on experience in responding to cyber threats. RSA NetWitness Suite enables junior analysts to enhance their skills and operate more efficiently and effectively.
  • Introducing RSA Archer Ignition Quickly and confidently get your risk management program up and running with the RSA Archer Ignition Program.
  • Reimagine Your Identity Strategy with the RSA SecurID Suite Every breach starts, at some point, with someone compromising an identity. Attackers are getting more sophisticated in compromising identities, impersonating legitimate users and getting past security controls. Hear from RSA executives and identity experts as they explain how a business-driven security approach with RSA SecurID® Suite can help you reimagine your identity strategy in today's ever-changing world.
  • Rethinking Your Identity Strategy with Identity Assurance The attack surface continues to grow and identity has become the most consequential attack vector. Learn how identity assurance can improve your identity strategy and provide a frictionless experience for users.
  • RSA NetWitness® Endpoint Demo By moving away from a solely signature-based strategy to leveraging a behavior-based detection tool in your arsenal for deep endpoint visibility, analysts can now detect and block endpoint threats that previously would have gone unseen.
  • RSA NetWitness® Logs and Packets: Latest Capabilities This brief demo video provides an overview of RSA NetWitness Logs and Packets’ latest capabilities.
  • RSAC 2017 Hyperlapse
  • RSA Conference 2017 Keynote - Zulfikar Ramzan: Planning for Chaos Organizations must now look at how their strategy changes when the objective is to plan for chaos instead of wait for its arrival. A full conference pass or a discover pass is required to attend this keynote.


Solution Briefs

  • RSA Archer Ignition Program Get your risk management program up and running the right way, right from the start, with RSA Archer Ignition. Address your most pressing risk management needs with a streamlined approach that delivers fast time-to-value.
  • RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle By automating manual tasks, providing evidence of compliance, reducing access-related business risk, and efficiently delivering business access, enterprises can confidently manage, control and enforce access to applications and data across the enterprise and the cloud.
  • RSA SecurID Access Organizations use RSA SecurID Access to regain control of a disrupted perimeter with strong, secure access and single sign-on to the leading Web and SaaS applications, native mobile apps and traditional enterprise resources (including VPNs, firewalls, virtual desktops and Windows or Linux servers).
  • RSA SecurID Suite The RSA SecurID Suite is the only identity and access assurance solution that meets the dynamic access needs of today’s modern workforce. The RSA SecurID Suite offers a comprehensive set of capabilities including access management, authentication, risk analytics, identity governance and lifecycle management.

White Papers

  • A New Paradigm for Identity Assurance Password requirements have become more complicated and have led to employees to use unsafe passwords. In this new dynamic environment, what's needed are a series of observation and listening posts, so the cybersecurity team can understand which user activity is normal, and which is abnormal - all in real time.
  • Business-Driven Risk Management Closes the Gap of Grief We believe that the solution to the Gap is Business-Driven Security, an approach to translate security risk into business language that business leaders and Board Members can understand and act upon.
  • Business-Driven Security Thwarts Fraud in Digital Channels Security teams find themselves unable to answer questions from business leaders about the nature of attacks, the exposure of the organization to these attacks, and the overall business impact. We call the disconnect that exists between these teams the “Gap of Grief.”
  • Closing the Skills Gap 35% of the open positions in cybersecurity can’t be filled today because there are not enough skilled candidates. There are too many threats, hiding amid too much data, leading to overworked analysts unable to focus on what matters most. Automated analytics can empower your existing security analysts to work more effectively on more complex tasks -- essentially closing the skills gap.
  • End-to-End Visibility: The Foundation of Business-Driven Security Although the challenge of securing modern computing environments may be daunting, it is solvable with an approach we call Business-Driven Security: the ability of an organization to comprehensively and rapidly link security with business context to detect and respond effectively and protect what matters most.
  • Identity: A Key Element of Business-Driven Security™ To keep up, organizations are looking for ways to gain assurance that users are indeed who they say they are and that they have only the access levels required to do what they need to do. The solution is Business-Driven Security, an approach that allows an organization to comprehensively and rapidly link security details with business context so it can effectively respond and protect what matters most.
  • Kingslayer - A Supply Chain Attack RSA Research investigated the source of suspicious, observed beaconing thought to be associated with targeted malware. In the course of this tactical hunt for unidentified code, RSA discovered a sophisticated attack on a software supply-chain involving a Trojan inserted in otherwise legitimate software; software that is typically used by enterprise system administrators. We are sharing details of this attack investigation, along with mitigation and detection strategies, to promote awareness and preparation for future or ongoing software supply-chain attacks.