By integrating real-time application delivery and enterprise mobility management, VMware Workspace ONE™ enables employees’ productivity while modernizing traditional IT operations for the mobile cloud era.

RSA SecurID Access secures the VMware Workspace ONE digital workspace to ensure the right users access the right information across the entire application catalog from any device. With RSA SecurID Access you get:

  • Convenient and secure access to the entire Workspace ONE application catalog
  • Ability to step-up individual applications in addition to Workspace ONE
  • Machine-learning-based risk assessments for identity assurance
  • Full benefits of the digital workspace without compromising security or end-user convenience
One Authentication Solution Ground to Cloud

In addition to Workspace ONE, RSA supports all of your cloud, SaaS and on-premises applications. With RSA SecurID Access, the most widely used authentication solution, there’s no need to implement a separate authentication solution for different applications or platforms in your organization. RSA secures them all from ground to cloud.

Confidence is Key

Make access decisions smarter. RSA provides identity assurance: It confirms users are who they say they are by considering the sensitivity of the applications they’re trying to access and the level of risk associated with their access attempts based on analyzing business and behavioral context. This means users seamlessly access applications and are challenged, only as required, based on the risk level of the attempt.

Getting Started

RSA SecurID Access supports SAML-based interoperability with Workspace ONE as a cloud authentication provider (both a multi-factor authentication provider or as a primary identity provider).

The integration allows users to choose from our full menu of authenticators, including mobile MFA and hardware and software tokens. The solution also enables the risk and behavioral analytics that analyze and evaluate the context for each authentication attempt.

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