In today’s work environment, an elevated digital experience for end users and admins has become not only nice-to-have, but a must-have. The hybrid workforce demands flexibility and an authentication experience that facilitates seamless access. At the same time, IT teams must balance user expectations with best-in-class security practices, compliance, and visibility into an expanding access surface—all while keeping end user productivity and satisfaction top-of-mind. It’s a lot.

RSA’s latest technology is built to balance those many priorities. Our product innovations securely enable the hybrid workforce while streamlining processes for IT management. Enhancing our customers’ digital experience provides them with the agility they need to grow and scale their business.

Empowering End Users to Increase Productivity

RSA My Page

Empowering end users has become increasingly important as admin responsibilities multiply. With frequent staffing changes becoming the norm, organizations are looking to standardize onboarding processes and create consistency for the hybrid workforce. My Page combines cloud-hosted single sign-on (SSO) with device management and registration capabilities to simplify daily access routines. This solution provides a single pane-of-glass view of necessary applications, pointedly directing users to their most frequented cloud and SaaS apps.

My Page is a uniform yet customizable experience: everyone in your organization’s directory has a My Page view, but application entitlements, authentication requirements and customer settings are uniquely tailored to their role and their preferences.

Flexible and Modern Authentication

In our digital world, we’ve come to expect simple, frictionless authentication. But maximizing convenience can bring security gaps and increased risk. RSA prioritizes security as a critical part

of innovation, ensuring that compliance is met and access is secure, while also using modern MFA to meet the need for speed. A wide breadth of RSA authentication options allows users to set their default authentication option from push-to-approve, to passwordless device biometrics like facial recognition, to one-time passcode (OTP) functionality. Admins can restrict authentication options from the back-end to prompt a “risky” user or application to use a specific authentication method to gain access. Flexible authentication eliminates access hurdles, allowing end users to increase productivity, while custom configurations and policies provide management with peace of mind.

RSA My Page and MFA

A Streamlined and Secure Experience

While end users rightfully demand choice, more options can also cause more confusion. To help provide organizations with choice without overwhelming them, RSA has established a unified portfolio of authenticators that are cross-functional. MFA options from RSA are consistent across operating systems, so users have the same delightful digital experience whether they are leveraging Windows or macOS. Regardless of on-prem, cloud or hybrid environments, RSA authentication options are adaptable.

For instance, our next-generation DS100 authenticator uniquely addresses two common business needs: hardware authentication and cloud migration. Dynamically seeded and FIDO2-certified, the DS100 can be managed from the cloud and provides a secure, seamless access experience whether plugged in or unplugged. This flexibility allows the DS100 to meet the stringent security requirements of air-gapped and niche authentication environments while providing a convenient access experience.

Seamless Management for IT Admins

RSA DS100 AuthenticatorManaging authenticators from the cloud creates an opportunity to move identity governance and administration practices, too. SecurID Governance & Lifecycle Cloud is a managed and hosted service that tackles access entitlements, reviews, role-based controls and other key governance and lifecycle capabilities. With the scope of access growing rapidly, visibility and automation are critical to identity governance. Whether cloud-hosted or on-prem, SecurID Governance & Lifecycle solutions replace slow, manual processes with fast and accurate reporting to call out anomalies and policy violations. RSA’s advanced analytics and real-time insights allow IT staff to prioritize pressing matters and reduce risk. The digital experience for admins is seamless and simplified with these enhancements to operational efficiency.

RSA is committed to securing and governing access in a simple, intelligent way. We are also committed to a seamless digital experience that meets business’ and consumers’ unique. We welcome the chance to partner together and help your business achieve both.

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