With single sign-on (SSO), end users enjoy the convenience of leveraging just one portal for quick access to multiple applications. My Page elevates the SSO experience, introducing self-service functionality, credential management, and custom experiences into the mix. My Page is the cloud-hosted SSO solution that empowers users to swiftly access the applications they use every day, while also relieving IT admins of routine requests through self-service device registration and management.

My Applications

The My Applications view enables users to securely and conveniently leverage SSO to access their applications.

My Authenticators

In the My Authenticators view, users can register and manage authenticators, using intuitive QR codes for self-enrollment.

Streamlining routine credential management

By combining SSO with self-service credential management, My Page makes it easy for end users to quickly handle device registration and management—and then to enjoy ongoing convenient access to the resources they need. And they can do all this no matter where or when they’re working, using the same convenient interface.

Reducing the administrative burden

Cloud hosting reduces the overall administrative burden for IT, enabling organizations to maintain My Page with fewer dedicated staffing resources. And because My Page reduces helpdesk ticket volume, it also enables the IT team to focus on more urgent issues—and to shorten wait times when such issues arise.

Delivering a unified, customizable experience

My Page delivers the same user-friendly experience to every user, everywhere—whether at the office, or off site. It’s also easy to customize what viewers see. Admins can add basic components such as branding, logo, and colors, as well as organization-specific content like login help instructions with custom domains.

Lowering costs by moving capabilities to the cloud

Because My Page is a cloud-hosted solution, it eliminates costs associated with an on-premises deployment while also maximizing scalability, security, uptime, and resilience.

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