Last year, the U.S. government took significant steps to ensure that public agencies could protect themselves and continue delivering the vital services that all Americans rely on. The ongoing effects of the pandemic, the Technology Modernization Fund and broader market trends all indicate that public agencies will continue to prioritize ways to secure and support dynamic workforces.

That’s why the recent decision by the Federal Risk and Management Program’s Joint Authorization Board (FedRAMP JAB) to update SecurID to the final accreditation review stage is such an important step for our federal customers, their employees and the citizens who rely on them.

The decision from the JAB—the primary governance and decision-making body for FedRAMP, consisting of the CIOs from the Department of Homeland Security, General Services Administration, and Department of Defense—brings the world’s most widely deployed identity assurance solution one step closer for use by any U.S. government agency. JAB’s rigorous review process validates SecurID as a reliable and secure method for government officials to modernize their technology, advance cloud-first initiatives and secure hybrid workers.

In addition to our work with the FedRAMP JAB, the U.S. Census Bureau is also sponsoring our solution for FedRAMP program certification. Both processes are occurring in parallel.

We’re eager to continue working with the FedRAMP JAB and the U.S. Census Bureau on our final accreditation endorsement and will continue developing the innovations and services that our public sector partners need to manage risk and fulfill their missions.

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