What is a Secure Token or Authenticator?

Tokens or “fobs” are used to authenticate a person in order to provide them access to secured resources, networks, and data.

RSA has trailblazed authentication technology—including tokens—for more than 30 years. We’ve created a new hardware authenticator, the DS100, which provides innovative new benefits.

Learn more about the NEW DS100 hardware authenticator.

Read this data sheet to learn how this new multi-functional security solution can help organizations go passwordless with FIDO2 and OTP use cases, improve UX, and reduce costs.

Benefits of the DS100

  • FIDO2 and OTP authentication on one device
  • Streamlined, cloud-based hardware authenticator management
  • Convenient and secure end-user experience

DS100 features

  • Works connected and disconnected
  • Cloud-enabled, efficient, and cost-effective
  • Simple push-button OTP authentication


The DS100 authenticator is available as an add-on to ID Plus E2 and E3 packages. Contact RSA Sales to learn more about the DS100.

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