The logo of Motive, which reviewed RSA greenhouse gas emissions as a result of its 2022 operations.

Our Process

RSA worked with external auditing firm Motive to review and assess the company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as a result of its operations in 2022. The report revealed key findings about RSA’s sustainability and responsible energy usage.

The company’s 2022 GHG emission profile is intended to inform this planning process and allow RSA to optimally focus its decarbonization efforts. Aligning with a net-zero economy is inherently a multi-stakeholder endeavor and, in the interest of transparency and collaboration, RSA is reporting its carbon disclosures within the CDP framework (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), with the 2022 GHG emission profile serving as the initial benchmark period.

RSA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Profile

With headquarters in Massachusetts, USA, and operations, value-chain partners, and customers around the world, RSA’s inaugural GHG emissions profile assessment proceeded along the USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Center for Corporate Climate Leadership Standards, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard, and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standards.

Through this process, RSA’s 2022 GHG emission profile is calculated to consist of a total of 7,798 metric tons of CO2e emissions (mtCO2e), categorized as:

  • Scope 1 Emissions: 240 mtCO2e
  • Scope 2 Emissions: 5,223 mtCO2e
  • Scope 3 Emissions: 2,335 mtCO2e

A table listing the scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 metric tonnes of CO2e emissions generated as part of RSA’s 2022 operations.

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