RSA NetWitness Endpoint

Detect known, unknown, and targeted threats. Reduce attacker dwell time. Accelerate investigations and response. Empower your security team to detect, analyze, and eradicate advanced threats faster than before with RSA NetWitness Endpoint. Continuous endpoint behavior monitoring and real-time threat detection expose hidden threats, highlight suspicious activity for investigation, and analyze root cause to rapidly determine the full scope of a compromise.

With RSA NetWitness Endpoint signature-less malware detection, your security team has full visibility into all activity on endpoints across your organization. RSA NetWitness Endpoint starts with endpoint behavioral analysis and augments that with additional detection methodologies to detect and analyze threats faster and more accurately. Threats are prioritized, so security teams can respond more effectively, reducing the impact of attacks.

Key features:

  • Protect endpoints, servers, and virtual machines
  • Detect malicious activity that other signature-based solutions miss entirely
  • Gain deep endpoint visibility and anomaly detection through continuous endpoint monitoring and real-time threat detection
  • Automatically flag and prioritize suspicious endpoint activity, based on risk, to help focus investigations
  • Speed up detection, analysis, and response across endpoints, network packets, and logs
  • Know how far a compromise has spread by instantly identifying all machines affected, enabling a security team to respond immediately with precision
RSA Netwitness Endpoint


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RSA NetWitness Logs and Packets  

RSA NetWitness SecOps Manager: RSA NetWitness SecOps Manager provides the orchestration to better investigate and respond to security incidents. The overall incident response workflow is managed by RSA NetWitness SecOps Manager and it provides the reports and dashboards to measure the effectiveness of the incident response team. 

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