Endpoint Security

RSA NetWitness® Endpoint

RSA NetWitness Endpoint provides deep visibility beyond basic endpoint security solutions by monitoring and collecting activity across all of your endpoints—on and off your network—so that you can:

  • Continuously monitor endpoints and immediately receive prioritized alerts
  • Drastically reduce dwell time by rapidly detecting and identifying new, unknown and non-malware attacks
  • Increase resolution rate and cut the cost, time and scope of incident response
RSA NetWitness Endpoint - NSS Recommended

Endpoint Security and RSA NetWitness Endpoint

Endpoint security has always been a critical focus for cybersecurity teams, but it’s grown more important in recent years as the number of endpoint devices accessing a corporation’s network has exploded and as attackers increasingly exploit these devices as vulnerable entry points on their way to gaining access to more important systems. Meanwhile, traditional endpoint security tools like antivirus software and host intrusion detection systems are ill-equipped to protect organizations from today’s advanced endpoint threats.

Enter RSA NetWitness Endpoint, an endpoint detection and response solution that leverages unique, continuous endpoint behavioral monitoring and advanced machine learning to dive deeper into endpoints and more accurately and rapidly identify targeted, unknown and non-malware attacks that other endpoint security solutions miss entirely. With RSA NetWitness Endpoint, security teams gain the unparalleled endpoint visibility they need to more quickly detect threats they couldn’t see before and investigate them more thoroughly.

Rethinking Endpoint Security

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Data Sheet

RSA NetWitness Endpoint

Get the details on the features and capabilities that distinguish RSA NetWitness Endpoint from both signature-based endpoint security tools and other endpoint detection and response solutions.

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Case Study

Fighting a Drive-by Download

Find out how RSA NetWitness Endpoint can help you detect and respond to drive-by downloads.

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NEW: RSA NetWitness Endpoint Insights

In addition to RSA NetWitness Endpoint, our full endpoint detection and response solution, we offer RSA NetWitness Endpoint Insights as a fully embedded feature of the RSA NetWitness Platform. The RSA NetWitness Endpoint Insights agent offers essential endpoint inventory scans paired with Microsoft Windows log forwarding and filtering capabilities to make it easier for organizations to collect endpoint data. For organizations spinning up hundreds of Windows resources each day, RSA NetWitness Endpoint Insights will save time and money: It provides a quick, easy mechanism for gathering logs from those machines, which in turn provides organizations with increased visibility across their infrastructure, eliminates blind spots, and reduces the cost and complexity of investigating threats.


Continuous Endpoint Monitoring

Continuous Endpoint Monitoring

Delivers full visibility into all processes, executables, events and behavior on all of your endpoints (servers, desktops, laptops and virtual machines).

Rapid Data Collection

Rapid Data Collection

Collects full endpoint inventories and profiles in minutes, with no discernible impact on end-user productivity, using an extremely lightweight endpoint agent.

Scalable and Efficient

Scalable and Efficient

Scales easily from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of endpoints. All data storage and most analysis occur on the RSA NetWitness Endpoint database, which ensures data integrity and drastically reduces endpoint impact.

Behavioral-based Detection with UEBA

Behavioral-based Detection with UEBA

Baselines “normal” endpoint behavior, detects deviations, and scores and prioritizes incidents based on potential threat level using UEBA monitoring capabilities and an advanced machine learning algorithm.

Intelligent and Automatic

Intelligent and Automatic

Collects and automatically analyzes processes, executables and more on endpoints; records data about every critical action surrounding the unknown item; and communicates with the RSA NetWitness Endpoint server for advanced analysis and threat prioritization.


Empowers Security Teams and Accelerates Investigations

Empowers Security Teams and Accelerates Investigations

Continuously monitors endpoints to detect anomalies and gathers all forensic data needed for incident response and investigations.

Reduces Attacker Dwell Time

Reduces Attacker Dwell Time

Analyzes the root cause of a compromise faster and prioritizes threats for security teams to minimize attacker dwell time, improve security analysts’ efficacy and accelerate time-to-response.

Prioritizes Alerts

Prioritizes Alerts

Makes it easy for analysts to quickly identify the highest risk threats, understand them at a deeper level and prioritize the right response.

Detects ALL Endpoint Threats

Detects ALL Endpoint Threats

Identifies known, unknown, targeted and non-malware threats that other signature- and perimeter-based solutions miss by providing unmatched real-time visibility into all of an organization’s endpoints—on and off the network.

Highlights Full Attack Scope

Highlights Full Attack Scope

As a key component of the RSA NetWitness Platform, RSA NetWitness Endpoint is tightly integrated to facilitate correlation of threat data across multiple inputs (including logs and packets), contain affected endpoints, and eradicate threats across the entire organization, not just on a single endpoint.

“Because RSA NetWitness Endpoint proactively gathers file and process data for analysis, it can easily provide the entire context needed to confirm a threat and quickly take action…Unlike some competitive solutions, RSA NetWitness Endpoint can conduct live memory analysis and inspect the physical disk for potential threats without any external intelligence feeds or blacklists.”
Modern Defense Against Sophisticated Attacks Requires Comprehensive Endpoint Protection

August 2016

RSA NetWitness Endpoint protects more than 1 million endpoints across 200+ customers worldwide and was rated Best Endpoint Threat Detection and Response Solution by the GSN Homeland Security Awards.

RSA NetWitness Endpoint is an integral part of the RSA NetWitness Platform evolved SIEM. In addition to RSA NetWitness Endpoint, the RSA NetWitness Platform evolved SIEM consists of RSA NetWitness Network, RSA NetWitness Logs, RSA NetWitness UEBA and RSA NetWitness Orchestrator. Together, these solutions deliver the industry’s most complete visibility across logs, network and endpoint data, helping to expose the full scope of attacks and make security analysts more efficient and effective through automation and advanced analytics.


White Paper

Endpoint Detection and Response: Beyond Antivirus

To successfully combat today's threats, a new, more proactive approach to endpoint security is required. Learn how endpoint detection and response technology can help.

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Rule Your Endpoints

Find out why traditional—and even next-generation signature-based—endpoint security is no longer capable of detecting targeted, unknown and non-malware threats, and the difference RSA NetWitness Endpoint can make.

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Data Sheets

  • RSA NetWitness Endpoint Get the details on the features and capabilities that distinguish RSA NetWitness Endpoint from both signature-based endpoint security tools and other endpoint detection and response solutions.



  • 7 Building Blocks of Better Threat Visibility Download this guide to find out which sources and types of data are essential to identifying advanced threats, how your team’s ability to correlate threat data compares with other organizations, and how improved visibility can ease your biggest threat detection challenges.
  • Evolution of SIEM: Why It’s Critical to Move Beyond Logs The RSA NetWitness Platform evolved SIEM is the only threat detection and response platform that can correlate security data across logs, packets, endpoints and netflow.

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