RSA SecurID® Access Editions

When you choose RSA SecurID Access, you get industry-leading multi-factor authentication and identity assurance your way

The right fit for your needs

RSA SecurID Access is delivered in flexible configurations and packages that serve the needs of every organization. We offer choice and peace of mind with:

  • A hybrid platform that allows you to protect both cloud-based and on-premises systems at the touch of a button
  • Authentication choice so you have the best authenticators for all of your use cases
  • Flexible deployment and payment options
Widest Range of Authenticators

RSA SecurID Access editions with modern MFA choice

  Base   Enterprise   Premium
What do you want to protect?
VPN, On-prem apps, SaaS, Cloud, SSO    
Conditional Access Policies
(IP address)
Conditional Access Policies
(country, trusted location, network, etc.)
Risk-Based Conditional Access Policies
(identity confidence, threat aware)
What authentication methods do your users need or want?
RSA SecurID Authenticate App
(OTP, push, biometrics)
RSA SecurID Tokens
(hardware & software)
On-Demand Authentication
  • Email and Text Message (SMS)
  • Text Message (SMS) and Voice
(FIDO2 & U2F)
How do you want to deploy and pay for it?
Enterprise Scalability
(multiple replicas, AMBA)
Perpetual/Subscription $1-$4*   $1-$5*   Subscription Only

* Pricing varies based on the total number of users covered. Prices shown are for U.S. subscription. Contact your local RSA authorized partner or RSA sales representative for more information.

RSA SecurID Access

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RSA SecurID Access makes multi-factor authentication accessible to organizations of all sizes with new subscription pricing and enhanced risk analytics.

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