Account Takeover Prevention

RSA® Web Threat Detection

Prevent account takeover, automated attacks and many other high-impact fraud threats with an easy-to-deploy fraud detection solution. RSA Web Threat Detection:

  • Captures every interaction between a user and a website or mobile app
  • Leverages behavioral analytics to distinguish fraudulent activity from legitimate transactions
  • Detects many forms of online fraud without impacting site performance
RSA Web Threat Detection

How RSA Web Threat Detection Identifies Account Takeover

Data breaches have exposed billions of user names and passwords in recent years, leading to a surge in account takeover—cybercriminals taking over consumers’ online accounts or account credentials to make purchases, transfer money or steal their data. Cybercriminals’ account takeover attempts are getting stealthier, but they’re not clever enough to outsmart RSA Web Threat Detection.

The High Cost of Account Takeover

$0.55 average loss per stolen identity record

$267,300 average losses per hour

White Paper

451 Research Pathfinder Report: RSA Web Threat Detection

Get a clear picture of how web behavioral analytics tools can help you identify and prevent different types of online fraud in this report from 451 Research.

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Data Sheet

RSA Web Threat Detection

Learn how RSA Web Threat Detection helps organizations prevent account takeover and many other forms of online fraud.

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Comprehensive Online & Mobile Fraud Detection

Comprehensive Online & Mobile Fraud Detection

Detects a wide variety of fraud threats, automated attacks and other forms of disruptive online behavior including account takeover, new account fraud, fraudulent money transfers, password guessing, credential harvesting and testing, mobile and web session hijacking, application layer DDoS attacks, site scraping, business logic abuse and improper site functionality.

Out-of-the-Box Fraud Detection Rules

Out-of-the-Box Fraud Detection Rules

Includes a library of ready-to-use fraud detection rules that organizations can deploy in seconds, providing immediate time to value. Organizations can enrich and customize built-in rules, or create new rules, using threat scores for common attack types as well as data about compromised IP addresses, e-mails, credit cards and more.

Full Visibility into Malicious Behavior

Full Visibility into Malicious Behavior

Observes everything in the clickstream across users and devices and captures all web and mobile session traffic to make it easier for fraud and security teams to identify the source of fraud faster (potentially in hours instead of days). In just a few clicks, fraud and security teams get access to all session and user data, drastically reducing the amount of time spent on manual reviews.

Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral Analytics

Applies web behavioral analytics to compare the behavior of cybercriminals and automated attacks against legitimate users.

Flexible Deployment Options

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploys on premises or in the cloud.


Identifies fraud attempts and other malicious behavior in near real time without impacting website performance or customer experience.

Leads to significant reductions in online and mobile fraud and related fraud losses.

Speeds fraud investigations by providing security and fraud teams with quick access to session and user data.

​Proven solution used by many of the world’s largest banks, e-commerce sites and insurance companies.

Protects your organization from the reputational damage and business disruption associated with account takeover, new account fraud, and other high-impact fraud threats.

Fraudulent Credit Card Transactions

Watch this short video to find out how RSA Web Threat Detection distinguishes fraudulent credit card transactions from legitimate ones, enabling online merchants to make more intelligent decisions about which transactions to accept, review or reject based on their risk tolerance.

"It’s about understanding your full digital landscape and having the right solutions in place to be able to protect yourself. Financial crime is recognized in our industry as a material risk and we’re being acknowledged for the business impact that implementing RSA solutions has made."
Josie Francese
Manager of Financial Crime

ME Bank




White Papers


  • Fraudulent Money Transfers Explore how RSA Web Threat Detection uses behavioral analytics and fraud intelligence feeds to detect fraudulent money transfers that otherwise fly under the radar.
  • New Account Registration Fraud Find out how RSA Web Threat Detection helps organizations uncover new account registration fraud.


  • An Inside Look at Account Takeover Peer into the dark web and explore the Sentry MBA toolkit, one of the most popular automated attack tools being used by cybercriminals to conduct account takeover attacks on popular websites.
  • Enhancing the RSA Risk Engine with Web Threat Detection Learn how to use data from RSA Web Threat Detection and other anti-fraud tools to improve the performance of the RSA Risk Engine and make more informed decisions about the probability of fraud.
  • Identify Mule Accounts with RSA Web Threat Detection Learn how to use RSA Web Threat Detection to uncover and investigate potential mule account activity. Hear a case study describing how one organization is doing this with great success.

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