Omnichannel Fraud Prevention

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Prevent fraud, delight your customers

Prevent fraud, delight your customers

RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite provides companies with a portfolio of sophisticated fraud detection and prevention capabilities designed to protect consumers from financial fraud threats across digital and physical channels. The suite helps companies dramatically reduce fraud losses while maintaining a frictionless experience for consumers and low operational costs.

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Fraud loss reduction

Fraud loss reduction

Significantly reduce fraud losses with a solution known for high fraud detection rates, low false positives and minimal transaction interventions.

Shared fraud intelligence

Shared fraud intelligence

Leverage the RSA eFraudNetwork, the industry’s largest cross-platform network of confirmed fraud, to detect cases with a high degree of accuracy.

Holistic fraud prevention

Holistic fraud prevention

Mitigate external threats, including fraudulent CNP transactions that cross the 3D Secure ecosystem, and stop fraud across consumer-facing digital channels.

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Business-driven capabilities for real-time, omnichannel fraud prevention

RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite identifies and prevents fraud in real time by blending risk-based decisioning, predictive analytics, deep entity profiling, modern authentication and global fraud intelligence with the ability correlate data across anti-fraud tools. ­

RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite helps you manage digital risk

Digital channels have become indispensable to consumer-facing organizations…and unfortunately, to cybercriminals, too. RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite helps consumer-facing businesses protect their mission-critical digital channels—and the consumers who use them—from a range of related digital risks, fraud and cybercrime threats, including phishing, account takeover, card-not-present fraud, rogue mobile apps, rogue social media pages and much, much more. 

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Holistic fraud prevention that keeps transactions moving

Omnichannel fraud prevention

RSA Adaptive Authentication is an advanced omnichannel fraud detection hub that provides risk-based, multi-factor authentication for organizations seeking to protect their consumers from fraud in digital channels.

Protect across channels

3D Secure authentication

RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce is RSA’s 3D Secure solution for credit card issuers and issuing processors. It enables merchants and credit card issuers to provide consumers with a consistent, secure online shopping experience while mitigating the risk of chargeback losses.

Mitigate fraud risk

Threat management services

RSA FraudAction™ is a threat management service offering attack takedown and cyber intelligence. From rapid detection to swift shutdown, RSA FraudAction provides organizations with complete coverage against phishing and Trojan attacks, rogue mobile apps and rogue social media pages.

Thwart multiple threats

Cyber intelligence services

The RSA FraudAction Cyber Intelligence service combines RSA’s extensive visibility into the dark web and cybercrime underground with continuous monitoring of social media forums to provide clients with proactive intelligence detailing threats to their organizations.

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With the fraud detection system [from RSA] and the policy rules we've written, we're able to detect fraudulent activity, and in some instances, deter attackers…we've also reduced the number of false positive results.

Edward Lam
Head of Regulatory Compliance, Security Management & Self-Service Terminal Development

Hong Leong Bank

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Address PSD2 compliance

Address PSD2 compliance

Meet PSD2 requirements for strong consumer authentication (SCA) while still maintaining a frictionless experience for the consumer.

Prevent online fraud

Gain protection from account takeovers

Gain protection from account takeovers

Use a powerful combination of capabilities to align your organization’s online fraud response with its risk tolerance and business priorities.

Stop account takeovers

Mitigate cyber attack risk

Mitigate cyber attack risk

See how prioritizing threats can help your organization coordinate an effective response to cyber attacks that helps minimize business impact.

Coordinate response

Omnichannel Fraud Prevention
RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite

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