RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite

RSA fraud prevention solutions protect organizations and consumers from online and mobile fraud, data breaches and identity theft. Our offerings improve organizations’ fraud detection and prevention capabilities, enhance their fraud intelligence, and provide secure consumer access, 3D Secure authentication, behavioral analytics and mobile transaction protection.

Phishing Protection

RSA FraudAction provides complete fraud protection against phishing, malware, rogue mobile apps, Trojan viruses and other cybercrime threats. Offered as an outsourced, managed service, RSA FraudAction enables organizations to deploy a highly effective solution quickly while minimizing their resource investment. RSA FraudAction analysts have shut down more than one million cyber attacks.

Secure Consumer Access

RSA Adaptive Authentication is a complete fraud detection platform that leverages risk-based, multifactor authentication to protect users accessing websites, online portals, mobile browsers and mobile applications. RSA Adaptive Authentication achieves fraud detection rates over 90 percent with less than 3 percent challenge rates and consistently low false positives.

3D Secure Authentication

RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce provides an authentication solution for financial institutions that need to offer additional cardholder protection and fraud management tools to support the online shopping experience. Leveraging the widely accepted 3D Secure protocol and infrastructure, the solution enables merchants and card issuers to provide a consistent, secure online shopping experience for cardholders while mitigating the risk of chargeback losses.

Online & Mobile Fraud Behavioral Analytics

RSA Web Threat Detection can identify even the most sophisticated fraud and other forms of disruptive online behavior. RSA Web Threat Detection “sessionizes” web traffic, allowing web security professionals to drill down into individual web sessions and visitors. RSA Web Threat Detection uses behavioral analytics to detect a variety of fraudulent activities including account takeover, fraudulent money movement, password guessing, credential harvesting, business logic abuse and improper site functionality.

Mobile Transaction Protection

RSA Adaptive Authentication offers a mobile SDK to identify fraud across mobile browsers and mobile applications.

Fraud Intelligence Services

RSA FraudAction Cyber Intelligence Service provides targeted research on emerging threats and fraud trends and reports on a wide range of cybercrime attacks. The service is offered in three distinct tiers, each of which varies in depth of content and coverage. Additional information on cybercrime is available from the RSA Fraud Intelligence Resource Center.


  • ​Leads to significant reductions in online, e-commerce and mobile fraud and related fraud losses.

  • ​Detects cyber threats across web and mobile applications with advanced behavioral analytics.

  • ​Delivers regular reports and updates that offer deep intelligence about identity theft, emerging threats and fraud trends.

  • ​Helps mitigate phishing, malware, rogue mobile apps and other cybercrime threats in real time.

  • ​Protects 3D Secure e-commerce transactions without impacting users.