RSA SecurID Access, a Microsoft conditional access partner, secures Office 365 resources with modern mobile multi-factor authentication (MFA). Go beyond username and password authentication with RSA.

RSA SecurID Access is embedded into Office 365 browser-based authentication flows to provide simple MFA from anywhere and on any device. With RSA SecurID Access you’ll get:

  • Secure and convenient access to Office 365 resources
  • Authenticator options to fit your user and policy needs
  • Risk and behavioral analytics to gain identity assurance
One Authentication Solution Ground to Cloud

RSA SecurID Access, the most widely used authentication solution, protects Azure and Microsoft applications as well as all other cloud and on-premises applications in one solution. There’s no need to implement point authentication solutions per application or platform when RSA can secure it all.

  • Extend existing RSA SecurID Access on-premises implementation to the cloud
  • Easily add mobile authenticators (e.g., push to approve, device biometrics, etc.)
  • Single sign-on included
Confidence Now and Into the Future

Make access decisions smarter. RSA provides identity assurance: It confirms users are who they say they are by considering the sensitivity of the applications they’re trying to access and the level of risk associated with their access attempts based on analyzing business and behavioral context. This means users seamlessly access applications and are challenged, only as required, based on the risk level of the attempt.

Getting Started

RSA SecurID Access provides several options for implementing MFA for Office 365.

Integration Options

Active Directory Federated Service (AD FS)
  • Native agent for modern and traditional authentication
  • Easy to configure
  • Streamlined end-user MFA experience
Office 365 SAML Connector
  • Standard SAML 2.0 integration via Active Directory Authentication Libraries (ADAL)
  • Supports newer web and rich clients, such as Office 2013 and subsequent editions
Office 365 STS Connector
  • Security Token Service (STS) model with Web Services Federation (WS-Federation)
  • Supports backwards compatibility with legacy clients and MFA for modern clients

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