Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Today’s workforce is changing at a rapid pace, as organizations employ more and more teams who work remotely from all different devices and locations across the globe. This allows employees to access highly sensitive applications from unsecure connections and devices, resulting in organizations becoming extremely vulnerable.

RSA SecurID Access provides security when a user accesses the native Salesforce login with multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure only the appropriate users can access these highly sensitive resources.

With RSA SecurID Access, you can add three layers of security to enhance the overall security of the native Salesforce login:

  • Establish robust access policies
  • Employ an MFA solution including biometrics, hardware tokens and software tokens
  • Risk and behavioral analytics.
Secure Native Salesforce Login

RSA provides identity assurance by considering the business context of the application and the dynamic risk of the user’s request. This means users seamlessly access applications and are challenged, only as required, based on the risk level of the attempt.

Implementation Options

Whether you are an existing RSA SecurID Access user or looking to get started with RSA SecurID Access, we have options for you:

  1. Extend additional hardware and software tokens to existing RSA SecurID Access Authentication Manager implementations via out-of-the-box, certified RADIUS integrations.
  2. Enable mobile authenticators and dynamic risk and behavioral analytics (e.g., push to approve, device biometrics, etc.) utilizing RSA Cloud Authentication Service.
  3. Leverage the RSA Single Sign-On portal to host your on-premises and cloud applications and help combat password fatigue.

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