Strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) has never mattered more than it does today. With the disappearance of the traditional security perimeter, the increasing spread of advanced threats, the rapid growth of multi-cloud environments, and the sheer number of users and devices connecting from anywhere and to anything, authentication is the key to securing access.

From the recent White House Executive Order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity to the National Institute of Standards and Technology to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency’s Shields Up initiative, recent directives and guidance make it clear that every organization and public sector agency needs MFA. It is the one way organizations can verify that those seeking access to resources are who they claim to be.

And that’s why we’re honored that SecurID, an RSA business, is a finalist for Best Authentication Technology in the 25th SC Awards, presented by SC Media. Our MFA solution appears in the Best Authentication Technology category, where it has previously been both a winner and a finalist. This news follows on the recent announcement that SecurID has received FedRAMP authorization and is another testament to our commitment to helping the world’s most security-sensitive organizations protect their data, applications, and users.

New Milestone, Storied History

RSA and SecurID bring 40 years of innovation to bear on organizations’ authentication challenges and a proven track record of ensuring secure access:

  • We provide a wide variety of MFA methods that make authentication both secure and convenient, with a growing range of choices from mobile push, one-time passcode (OTP), and biometrics to hardware tokens for extremely sensitive-secure environments.
  • With strong core MFA and risk-based authentication capabilities, SecurID provides organizations with the technology needed to successfully pursue zero trust and other digital initiatives to improve their security posture.
  • Moreover, at a time when many organizations are in the process of moving more resources to the cloud, SecurID offers a truly hybrid approach that enables them to easily meet their current needs and prepare for future changes. SecurID seamlessly protects resources in the cloud, on-premises, or both.
  • We have the unique ability to automatically switch from cloud authentication to on-premises authentication, for reliable access—even if cloud connectivity is interrupted.

We have confidence in SecurID MFA to help organizations navigate the unprecedented security challenges they face both now and as they continue on their journey to the cloud. This honor reaffirms that our confidence is well-placed.

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