YubiKey for RSA SecurID® Access

Easy, secure passwordless authentication begins here

RSA and Yubico have partnered to offer RSA customers modern FIDO authentication with RSA SecurID® Access and the YubiKey. With the joint solution, RSA customers will benefit from enterprise-grade security, risk-based authentication, and simplified credential lifecycle management, while preventing account takeovers, reducing IT costs, and improving the user experience.

“The benefits of bringing RSA and Yubico together are so apparent that customers were engaging both companies prior to the partnership. Together, we will combine the secure, robust, enterprise-grade identity assurance of RSA SecurID® Access with the convenient access and FIDO2 features of YubiKey. The strategic partnership helps enterprises address the evolving threats and challenges faced by today’s dynamic workforce, from ground to cloud.”
Jim Ducharme
VP Products

RSA Identity and Fraud & Risk Intelligence


RSA is a board member of the FIDO Alliance driving the enterprise security workstream, and an active member since the organization's inception. RSA SecurID Access has supported FIDO devices for many years and is now FIDO2 certified. Extending RSA’s support for passwordless authentication, customers can now use FIDO2 authenticators as a primary authentication (2FA/MFA) method to access SaaS or web applications.