RSA SecurID Access is conveniently delivered in flexible configurations and packages that serve the various needs of every organization.
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Enhanced Support
24x7, 365 days
* Pricing varies based on the total number of users covered. Prices shown are US only, contact your local RSA authorized partner or RSA sales rep for more information.

RSA SecurID Access Base Edition

Suits traditional enterprise users accessing on-premises applications.

Organizations managing on-premises and client-based access can choose multi-factor authentication leveraging soft or hardware tokens, or a mix, as desired. This is the traditional offering from RSA SecurID Access and is now available via a subscription model.

RSA SecurID Access Enterprise Edition

Suits diverse, frequently mobile user populations accessing both on-premises and SaaS applications.

Organizations moving applications to the cloud while still managing a broad portfolio of on-premises systems need a single source vendor who can address all of their access management and multi-factor authentication requirements. With users accessing information from inside and outside the network and especially on mobile devices, RSA SecurID Access Enterprise Edition represents a truly modern solution that offers scalable, enterprise-grade authentication for all of these application types and user populations. When combined with the wide range of advanced mobile authentication methods offered by RSA (such as push notifications, biometrics, SMS and more), it’s a flexible, high-value solution that can grow with your organization.

RSA SecurID Access Premium Edition

Suits dynamic user populations with rigorous access demands requiring added insight.

RSA SecurID Access Premium Edition is the best choice for organizations that need advanced mobile multi-factor authentication to deliver secure, compliant and frictionless access to an ever-changing user base. RSA SecurID Access Premium Edition offers all the features of Enterprise Edition, with an extra layer of assurance: It applies risk-based analytics and insights about users’ typical log-in patterns to make smarter authentication decisions in real time. This gives organizations the necessary identity intelligence to minimize risk and seamlessly improve their overall security posture.

Widest Range of Authenticators

With each of the RSA SecurID Editions, customers can choose their authenticators from a wide range of options—from push notification and “shake to approve” methods to mobile-based biometrics, soft tokens and the most secure hardware token in the industry.

Flexible Licensing and Deployment Options

Organizations can conveniently purchase RSA SecurID Access from RSA authorized partners and RSA as a subscription or perpetual license. You can deploy RSA SecurID Access on premises or in the cloud; the choices are flexible, based on what your organization needs to protect, how you want to protect it, and how you want to deploy the solution.

Authentication Your Way

See which edition of RSA SecurID access is right for you.

There’s a version of RSA SecurID Access to suit every organization’s unique needs for industry-leading multi-factor authentication and identity assurance. Finding the edition that’s right for you is literally as easy as 1-2-3. Answer just four simple questions—it takes less than a minute!—and our online product selector tool will recommend the edition that best suits your organization’s requirements. It couldn’t be any easier.

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