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Threats are multiplying. Users are changing. What are you doing?

Attackers are finding ways to compromise your users’ credentials every day. RSA SecurID Suite delivers the identity and access assurance you need to thwart them at every turn—while delivering an absolutely seamless access experience for your users.

RSA SecurID Suite goes beyond traditional identity and access management, using identity insights, threat intelligence and business context to provide secure access to all of your users, across all of your applications, from the ground to the cloud. It brings together multi-factor authentication, risk-based access management, identity governance and user lifecycle management in one powerful suite of solutions. Download the Solution Brief and learn more.

Secure Access Transformed - RSA SecurID Suite
What is Identity and Access Management

What Is Identity and Access Management?

Identity and access management systems safeguard critical applications and other resources by providing assurance that the people seeking access to them really are who they claim to be (identity management) and that they’re authorized to use specific resources (access management). In an era when applications are as likely to be in the cloud as on premises, and users are as eager to access them from mobile devices as desktops, successful identity and access management demands more than passwords. It requires analytics-driven insights into identities, a keen awareness of cyber threats, and business context to prioritize identity risks and protect assets accordingly.

The Security and Control to Keep Ahead of Growing Threats

The Convenient Access to Stay in Step with Today's Users

RSA SecurID Access

RSA SecurID Access

Protect critical resources with risk-based multi-factor authentication. RSA SecurID Access addresses a variety of user needs with a broad range of authentication methods including push notification, biometrics, OTP, SMS and tokens.

RSA® Identity Governance & Lifecycle

RSA® Identity Governance & Lifecycle

Make it easier to govern access with an automated approach that simplifies access approvals and certifications, speeds provisioning and deprovisioning, and provides complete control over who has access to what.

Reason to Believe

Solution Brief

RSA SecurID Suite

RSA SecurID Suite transforms secure access with risk-based multi-factor authentication and simplified identity governance and lifecycle capabilities.

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Modernizing Authentication—What It Takes to Transform Secure Access

Transform secure access into the pervasive, connected and continuous force you need to meet today’s challenges.

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One Modern Authentication Solution

Seamless, Secure Access to ALL Your Data

Make multi-factor authentication more convenient for more users with RSA SecurID Access. Reduce costs and complexity by leveraging a single authentication solution capable of securing all of your critical resources. RSA SecurID Access protects cloud apps, on-premises systems, legacy systems, custom applications, privileged accounts and much more.


Provides Identity and Access Assurance

Provides Identity and Access Assurance

Confirms users are who they say they are and that they have appropriate access for their roles.

Extends Access Protection Everywhere

Extends Access Protection Everywhere

Strengthens access protection across traditional, web, mobile and SaaS applications.

Alleviates the Security Burden

Alleviates the Security Burden

Makes authentication frictionless for users and governance easy for administrators.

Enables a Risk-Based Approach

Enables a Risk-Based Approach

Considers identity risk and business context for granting access or requiring step-up authentication.

Comes with the Confidence of Thousands

Comes with the Confidence of Thousands

Brings the latest innovations to the world’s most widely trusted multi-factor authentication solution.

"I see additional automation, more efficiency, a more secure environment.”
Mike Duncan
Program Manager

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp

The Future of Identity and Access Management Is Here

Yesterday’s identity and access management systems are no match for today’s cyber threats—or for the demands of a workforce that needs access everywhere, all the time. See for yourself how RSA SecurID Suite is leading the way into the future with risk-based multi-factor authentication and simplified identity governance.


Data Sheet

50 Reasons RSA SecurID Access is the Best Choice for Modern Authentication

From the broadest range of MFA options to protection for cloud-based and on-premises systems, RSA SecurID Access can meet nearly every use case.

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What's New in RSA SecurID® Access

RSA SecurID Access provides convenient, secure access to on-premises, web, mobile and cloud applications. Watch our webinar to learn about the latest offerings and enhancements from RSA SecurID Access.

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Use Case

  • Threat-Aware Authentication Download this data sheet to learn how access decisions can be enriched with threat context to elevate trust upon detection of suspicious user activity for enhanced digital risk management.
  • Threat Aware Authentication Video Learn how Threat Aware Autnetication is used in action. While users log in, Threat Context feeds from RSA NetWitness into RSA SecurID Access to drive smart access decisions.



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