Identity and Access Management

The RSA SecurID Suite combines the separate disciplines of access management and authentication with identity governance and user lifecycle management into one comprehensive suite. It goes way beyond the capabilities of traditional identity and access management systems by using risk analytics to provide identity and access assurance. This helps organizations solve two fundamental challenges: Verifying that their users are who they say they are and providing them with the right level of access.

RSA SecurID Access

Ensure users have convenient, secure access—from any device, anywhere—to the applications they need, whether in the cloud or on-premises. RSA SecurID Access is an enterprise-grade multi-factor authentication and access management solution that lets organizations consistently and centrally enforce dynamic risk-driven access policies aimed at providing continuous, seamless authentication. It protects all of your resources with a wide range of authentication methods, including push notification, biometrics, OTP, SMS, and traditional hardware and software tokens.

RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle

RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle simplifies how user access is governed across the enterprise. It fully automates the monitoring, reporting, certification and remediation of user entitlements, making it possible for organizations to achieve sustainable compliance. RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle delivers a streamlined, automated access request, approval, fulfillment and de-provisioning process that includes embedded policy controls. It gives security teams complete control over and visibility into who has access to what.


  • Improves Agility: The RSA SecurID Suite enables organizations to manage identity at the speed of business. This gives organizations the flexibility to expand quickly and adopt new technologies while mitigating the risk of a data breach or non-compliance.

  • Instills Confidence: Through its unique identity and access assurance capabilities, the RSA SecurID Suite confirms users are who they say they are and that they receive appropriate levels of access to systems and applications.

  • Extends Access Protection: The RSA SecurID Suite strengthens access protection across all of your traditional, web, mobile and SaaS applications and allows you to enhance the value of your current security technology investments for on-premises applications.

  • Alleviates the Security Burden: With the RSA SecurID Suite, the burden of security is not placed on the organization or users; identity and access management becomes frictionless, automated, continuous and risk-aware.

  • Makes Identity and Access Management Easy: The RSA SecurID Suite provides users with convenient, seamless access to the applications they need. At the same time, it offers IT organizations an identity and access management system that’s not only flexible, scalable and secure, but also easy to deploy and manage.

  • Brings Risk into Focus: By understanding risk as it applies to the business, RSA SecurID Suite can help prioritize access activities and enable actionable insights that strengthen security and improve audit performance.