Cybercrime, fraud and online banking attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated every day. What is your plan to best mitigate the threats they pose to your organization?

Phishing, malware, mobile rogue apps, and other cyber threats continue to be a growing threat to organizations and their customers across the globe. In addition, underground fraud forums continue to flourish and evolve, and cybercriminals are increasingly evasive. It is very difficult for most organizations to dedicate resources to continuous monitoring of the cyber threat landscape, leaving them vulnerable.

RSA FraudAction 360 offers a complete threat management service that provides proactive detection and mitigation of cyber threats such as phishing, Trojans and mobile rogue apps. Additionally, customers can gain deeper insight into emerging threats with intelligence reports and data feeds that provide deep visibility into the cybercrime underground. The service includes:

  • Threat Detection and Alerts: Proactively prevent fraud attempts through early attack detection and real-time alerts identified via a broad partner network and active scanning of tens of millions of URLs.
  • Mitigation and Site Shutdown: Reduce the financial impact of cyber threats through the rapid shutdown of infection points, command and control sites, and drop zones worldwide.
  • Forensics and Credential Recovery: Extensive forensic analysis provides organizations with additioanl intelligence insights including compromised personal information, email drop accounts, and specific IP information showing where an attack was launched.
  • FraudAction Blocking Network. Prevent and block access to identified phishing sites and malware infection, drop and update points.

RSA's long-term experience significantly helped us build up a strong cybercrime competence within a short time frame. We can trust RSA is taking care of it, and it makes our life much easier.

Chrisopher Sprongl Chief Information Security Officer, paysafecard

RSA FraudAction Cyber Intelligence

Reveal cybercrime infrastructure and potential exploits through advanced intelligence reports

RSA Adaptive Authentication

Identify high-risk logins and fraudulent transactions with risk-based authentication.

RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce

Protect 3D Secure e-commerce transactions without impacting users.