The DS100 is a passwordless, multi-functional security solution that can dramatically enhance user experience while lowering total cost of ownership. It is the first cloud- enabled authenticator that marries the cryptographic advantages of FIDO protocols with the security benefits of a one-time password (OTP) solution, a category where RSA has long been the gold standard. Unlike any other, the DS100 works plugged in or unplugged, making it the perfect, flexible authentication solution.

FIDO2 and OTP authentication on one device

The DS100 enables both FIDO2 and one-time password authentication, so you can meet existing needs for multiple authentication use cases—without having to manage two different devices.

Passwordless FIDO2 authentication

The FIDO2-certified DS100 brings secure, convenient FIDO2 passwordless authentication to environments where hardware authenticators are preferred or even required. It connects easily via USB plug and also includes NFC future functionality.

OTP authentication

In secure environments where USB connectivity is not an option, or where users need to connect to a VPN, the DS100 provides connected and disconnected-OTP login functionality. The device displays OTPs via LCD and push-button OTP that inputs them into resources automatically.

Dynamically seeded OTP

Dynamic seeding of OTP reduces the cost and complexity of distributing and managing DS100 authenticators. Instead of receiving each device pre-seeded, any device can be sent to any end user for self-seeding and registration—and easily reassigned as needed.

Streamlined, cloud-based hardware authenticator management

Even though the DS100 is physically deployed, it’s managed in the cloud using the Cloud Authentication Service. This makes it possible to increase management efficiency without compromising the security of a full-featured hardware authenticator.

An end-user experience that’s both convenient and secure

Whether using a FIDO2 or OTP login, users don’t have to rely on traditional credentials that are hard to remember (and easy for bad actors to guess). They can authenticate with a biometric or other method for FIDO2, or just push a button to generate an OTP code.

From the people who pioneered hardware tokens

RSA has trailblazed authentication technology for more than 30 years. Today’s authenticators from RSA are designed for reliability, leveraging the latest cryptographic standards; built to withstand the most difficult conditions; and rigorously tested. They secure organizations’ journey to the cloud and support cybersecurity initiatives like zero trust.

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