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The U.S. presidential election, generative AI, ransomware attacks, and tactics that bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA) will drive cyberthreats to an all-time high in 2024.Translated

That’s one of the central predictions in RSA Top Trends in Identity for 2024, an Ebook that details some of the most concerning cyberattacks of 2023, the new technologies that will transform the threat landscape, and the trends that RSA customers, partners, employees, and industry analysts will shape the coming year.Translated

Discover the Trends That will Shape 2024Translated

Read RSA Top Trends in Identity for 2024 to:Translated

  • Learn how AI can empower cybersecurity—and embolden threat actorsTranslated
  • Anticipate the emerging tactics that threat actors are using to breach organizations, like bypassing MFA and targeting IT help desksTranslated
  • See which industries RSA experts believe will come under attack in 2024, and why cybercriminals will prioritize themTranslated
  • Preview why passwordless authentication will finally make headway this yearTranslated
  • Understand why CIEM will become critical to fortifying cybersecurityTranslated
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