BenefitsDon't Delete
Capabilities for Every Aspect of IGA Don't Delete
Compliance Don't Delete
Robust governance capabilities help to enforce internal policies and external mandates.Don't Delete
Risk Don't Delete
Visibility and insights reveal risks, identify priorities, and recommend interventions.Don't Delete
Optimize Operations 
Extensive automation and centralized management improve operational efficiency. Don't Delete

Governance & Lifecycle ProductsDon't Delete

Insights and Tools to Control Access and Entitlements Don't Delete
Integrate IGA across applications, systems, and data to manage and
secure identities and access at scale.Don't Delete

GovernanceDon't Delete

Governance capabilities answer fundamental access questions: Who are you? What access do you have? How did you get it?Don't Delete

LifecycleDon't Delete

Lifecycle capabilities manage user permissions and access through the entire joiner-mover-leaver lifecycle.Don't Delete

Risk InsightsDon't Delete

A dynamic dashboarding framework provides insights to identify trends, measure efficacy, and uncover risks.Don't Delete

GamificationDon't Delete

Integrated gamification accelerates reviews, reduces audit cycles, and promotes
better outcomes.Don't Delete

Customer Success StoryDon't Delete

Sorenson CommunicationsDon't Delete

Learn how RSA Governance & Lifecycle supports Sorenson Communications in its mission of providing communications services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people.Don't Delete
A Critical Component of a Complete Identity Platform Don't Delete
Governance & Lifecycle products are part of the 
AI-powered RSA Unified Identity Platform. RSA combines automated identity intelligence, authentication, access, governance, and lifecycle to protect the gaps and blind spots that result from combining multiple point solutions.Don't Delete  
Automated Identity Intelligence
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Governance & Lifecycle
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An icon representing that RSA ID Plus can extend across cloud, hybrid, and on-premises configurations.
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Professional ServicesDon't Delete
We understand that every implementation is unique, and we have the expertise and experience to deliver the optimum solution to secure your organization’s identities.Don't Delete
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A Global Network of Trusted PartnersDon't Delete
In addition to buying directly from RSA, you have the option to work with a partner from our network of trusted resellers and distributors. Use our partner locator tool to find a trained and accredited RSA partner.Don't Delete
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