RSA recognized for Overall Leadership, Innovation, and Market Leadership

Identity Fabrics report highlights identity’s crucial enterprise roles

Underscores business need to work with vendors that can deliver integrated solutions

BEDFORD, MA – August 9, 2022 – In IT, identity doesn’t work unless it works everywhere. That’s the rationale behind KuppingerCole Analysts AG Leadership Compass Report on Identity Fabrics, which asks whether vendors can actually do everything they need to in order to support modern business environments.

Because when it comes to managing users, point solutions just aren’t enough anymore: organizations must onboard new users, authenticate that they are who they say they are, give them the permissions they need to do be successful in their role, prevent them from accessing resources they don’t need, change their provisions as their role evolves, and shut down their access and accounts when they leave to remove risks and prevent cyberattacks.

At best, relying on individual solutions for every step in the identity lifecycle is inefficient, costly, and a major drain on an IT department’s efficacy. At worst, it creates security gaps that could allow for ransomware attacks, insider threats, compliance failures, and other business nightmares.

That’s why RSA was ecstatic to learn that it had been recognized for Overall Leadership, Innovation, and Market Leadership in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Identity Fabrics report. The report, which guides businesses looking to develop a modern identity architecture, underscores that RSA does everything across identity—and does it all well.

“The world’s security-first organizations know that identity is the most important threat vector in cybersecurity, and they turn to RSA to help them stop identity threats before they start,” said RSA Chief Marketing Officer Laura Marx. “But in IT, identity is more than just a part of your cybersecurity stance: it’s also a critical business enabler. That’s why the KuppingerCole Identity Fabrics report is so important. It highlights the crucial roles that identity plays across the enterprise, and why it matters that RSA is a leader in each of those requirements.”

“The Identity Fabrics report makes it clear that, when it comes to identity, one size fits none,” said RSA Chief Product Officer Jim Taylor. “Organizations need solutions that are tailored to their needs today and that can scale to meet their future requirements. If you’re not working with a vendor that can do everything across identity, do it all well, and grow with your needs, then you owe it to yourself to find a new vendor. The Identity Fabrics report is a good place to look.”

The KuppingerCole report highlighted several qualities that set RSA apart, including “support for modern authentication. [RSA] support[s] access management and single sign-on for a broad variety of solutions, both on-premises and in the cloud.”

The report also notes several other highlights, including RSA support for a wide variety of authenticators, integration with the RSA risk engine for contextual authentication, improvements to user interfaces, self-service support, and the dashboard and analytics in the integrated portal.

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