Keep resources secure and accessible

Nearly every organization wants authentication that's both secure and convenient. But many still rely on passwords—which, unfortunately, are neither.

It’s time to move toward a passwordless future.

Minimize disruption

With RSA passwordless authentication options, organizations can introduce passwordless authentication gradually, rather than suddenly ripping-and-replacing password-based authentication all at once. Businesses can even initially use passwordless methods in conjunction with passwords as they reduce reliance on passwords over time.

RSA supports a variety of passwordless authentication options, including:

  • FIDO Passkey
  • Biometrics
  • Push to approve
  • SecurID authenticator
  • Authenticate one-time password (OTP)
  • Voice OTP

RSA Authentication options

Use strong authentication

To prioritize protecting points in the identity lifecycle that are especially vulnerable to credential-based attacks—like enrollment and password resets—RSA supports the use of strong authentication methods, such as biometrics and FIDO-based solutions, that allow organizations to implement passwordless security.

Benefit from RSA availability and reliability

ID Plus supports passwordless authentication with 99.95% availability, including a no-fail capability that enables authentication even without a network connection. Even if connectivity is interrupted or users are working from a place without internet service, they can still connect.

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