Identity is the bedrock for all security. Knowing who your users are, what they’re entitled to access, and why they’re entitled to access it are some of the very first questions that every organization needs to understand.

But the ground beneath that bedrock is shifting: in the past, security teams had been able to count on most of their employees working in the office most of the time. In the shift to a permanent work-from-anywhere model, we’re losing the safety of our network perimeter. And the answers to those questions about who our users are, what they have access to, and why are becoming harder to answer than ever.

Later this week, Jim Ducharme, COO of the RSA Anti-Fraud Business Unit, and Sam Curry, CSO of Cybereason (and my brother) will participate in a webinar to discuss these issues and how organizations can get identity right, make their organization more secure, and make their operations more resilient.

Join our April 15th webinar at 1:00 PM ET to hear about the following topics:

  • Why Identity is the ideal control plane for connecting users and data securely, cloud to ground
  • Using Identity to defend against attacks – as well as to recover after a disaster
  • The path to empowering users and enabling business
  • Leveraging Identity data as a privilege, not a right

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